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Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov denied rumors about the sale of Telegram

After Pavel Durov's team refused to implement the Telegram Open Network cryptocurrency project, reports appeared in the media that the sale of this popular messenger was allegedly being prepared. Recall that the project to launch the Gram token and the TON blockchain network was stopped due to

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic network hit 51% attack again

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) network has undergone a 51% attack again. On August 6, Bitfly tweeted that its Ethermine mining pool has disabled ETC payments after reorganizing over 4,000 blocks. Today another large 51% attack occurred on the #ETC which caused a reorganization of over 4000 blocks.


Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News


Huobi announces launch of DeFi investment fund

Huobi Group, the owner of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, is launching a new fund for investments in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market. Charlene Wu, who previously worked in the investment department of China Merchant Bank International (CMBI), a subsidiary of one of the largest Chinese


Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 minor update released

On August 1st, Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 version was released, which contains a small number of modifications and improvements. The most significant changes concern peers that are sending invalid blocks. With Bitcoin Core 0.20.1, these users are not blocked, but marked as “not recommended nodes.”



Crypto exchanges that haven't been hacked

Which crypto exchanges have not been hacked?

In plenty of crypto exchanges, some are proving they are worth trusting, and some are being easily hacked. I’m not going to suggest which one to choose and won't give any referral links. I just wanted to share with you the list of most trustworthy exchanges based on our researches. Most of the

what is libra

What is Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency?

What is Libra? Libra is a cryptocurrency-based payment system. The project belongs to Facebook, which has been joined by another 27 companies (eBay, Uber, Booking.com, Vodafone, etc.). The Libra's rate will have to be determined on the basis of a currency basket of the dollar, euro, yen, and pound

Tron vs Ethereum

Tron vs Ethereum: which is better?

In addition to TRON, there are other platforms with similar functionality to Ethereum - Cardano, Stellar, EOS, NEO, IOTA, etc. The developers of these networks believe that their platform has the potential to become the main infrastructure for decentralized applications and smart contracts. In this

Multisig wallet

Multi-signature wallets and their benefits

Technologies don’t stay still, and innovations are appearing every day. One of those modern tools we want you to be acquainted with is multisig wallet. Multisig is a unique type of digital signature which allows two or a higher number of users to approve accounts acting as an organization. It’s

Buying Ether

Guide for buying an Ether

Ethereum platform, which has a coin known as Ether, is one of the most popular blockchains nowadays. As of May 2019, Ethereum’s market capitalization has reached $26 billion. Ether is one of the most usable crypto coins in nowadays world. This is why we have decided to show you some easy ways of


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