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JP Morgan

JPMorgan will pay $2.5 million in a lawsuit

JPMorgan agreed to pay $ 2.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit about irrational fees that the bank charged for transactions when purchasing cryptocurrencies. The lawsuit was filed in April 2018 against Chase Bank, a subsidiary of commercial holding JP Morgan Chase, which specializes in

Brave browser

Brave launches encrypted video calls for users

The Brave cryptocurrency confidential browser implemented the video call option adopting end-to-end encryption. This new service called Brave Together can be applied to make an infinite number of encrypted video conferences for two members. Brave users do not need to register to use this tool. The


Latest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News


Facebook Calibra wallet is now called Novi

The Calibra wallet has been renamed Novi and transferred to the management of its subsidiary Facebook - Novi Financial. A Novi Financial's statement said that the name Novi was coined as a fusion of the Latin words “Novus” (“new”) and “via” (“path”), and the visual design of the


Bitcoin commission decreased by 54%

Over the past 5 days, the average commission for transactions in the Bitcoin network has decreased by 54%, however, some observers believe that network congestion may push investors to altcoins. A week ago, the average transaction fee made a jump to the level of February 2018, but since then, it



Web 3.0

The Making Of A Decentralized Web 3.0

Data is the new ‘Gold’. Unfortunately, in today’s world, only a handful of organizations are in control of this gold aka data. From Facebook to Google, the multi-billion dollar organizations have one thing in common. They have made their billions by accessing their user’s data in a way

What is STO?

What is Security Token Offering (STO)?

All about Security Token Offering Security Token Offering (STO) is a method of investing in blockchain projects. Investors are purchasing tokenized securities that are sold on crypto exchanges. As this public offering is related to securities, it’s evident that STOs are more regulated than ICOs,

Top 10 blockchain-related jobs you need to know about

Top 10 blockchain-related jobs you need to know about

The sphere of programming and contemporary technologies is always looking for talented employees and has competitive salaries. Glassdoor has provided research which has shown impressive results - the interest in blockchain-related jobs has increased 300% in a year. Despite the concerns with

What is Bitcoin (BTC) ?

What is Bitcoin (BTC) ?

The invention of the Bitcoin Everything started in 2008. An unknown man, who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto, decided to bring Nick Szabo’s idea about digital currencies back to life. He created Bitcoin, which became the most popular and valuable crypto coin. No one knows, who Satoshi Nakamoto is


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