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UK Treasury XRP

The UK Treasury Sees XRP as a Non-Security


The Treasury of the United Kingdom issued a report related to cryptocurrencies. There XRP is considered to be non-security. The script categorizes XRP, Ether, and BTC as forms of exchange. Not being either electronic money or security assets, they are not regulated. Her Majesty's Treasury cited...

Tether issued 2B USDT in a week

Tether Sets the Highest Mark of 2 B USDT in One Week


Tether issued 2 B dollar-pegged tokens last week, which is a record amount. More than 24.6 B tethers now are distributed over Ethereum, Tron, and Bitcoin blockchain Omni Layer. $14,34 B is running on Ethereum, $9 B on Thron. One year ago the sum was only 4.8 billion. Chief Technology Officer at...

Paypal crypto volume

PayPal Crypto Volume Hits $240 Million


PayPal records its all-time high crypto volume in one day. On January 11, users made transactions for over $240 Million. The previous high was $129 million, reached a week ago. The digital payment company has chosen to buy its crypto through the digital asset platform itBit, which presents the...

Biconomy raised $1.5 M

Biconomy Seed Funding Reaches $1.5 M


Blockchain empowering developer protocol Biconomy raised $1.5 M in the financial backing first stage, organized by venture house Eden Block. There were eight more contributors taking part in the phase. Blockchain-centered venture capital organization Fenbushi Capital, crypto trading market...

Dan Larimer resigns

EOS Price Fell 25% after Dan Larimer's Resign


Blockchain enterpriser and co-founder of Dan Larimer has resigned after four years serving his role as a chief technological officer. began offering EOS tokens in June 2017, collecting more than $4 B, a record for an ICO. The company developed EOS.IO blockchain protocol based on...

Morgan Stanley BTC

Morgan Stanley Acquires 11% Stakes at MicroStrategy


New York-based multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley had acquired 792,627 shares in business intelligence firm MicroStrategy. This is a 10.9% stake in a company that has made large investments in Bitcoin over the last several months. MicroStrategy has shown interest in the crypto industry...

Altcoins BTC rally

Altcoins After BTC Hitting $40.000


On January 7, Bitcoin set a new all time high, breaking $40.000. The next day the price surpassed $41.000. Rate growth of various altcoins followed this, proving the bullish movement to be really strong. The trading volume of the leading cryptocurrency reached $99 Billion. At the moment, BTC is...


Total Value Locked in DeFi Passed $20 B


Based on the data provided by DeFi Pulse on Wednesday, over $20 billion worth of cryptocurrencies is now locked in the booming DeFi industry. In early November, the entire value locked in DeFi was $10 B. During the last two months, the value doubled. The sum was attracted due to increased use...

Wrapped BTC

WBTC and WETH Now are on Tron


California-based digital asset trust company BitGo has set WBTC in motion on the TRON system. This presents tokenized Bitcoin in the Tron environment while making the currency transfers faster and low price. WBTC joining TRON is done amid record-breaking demand on Ethereum, which resulted in...

BTC 2021

Bitcoin 2021 Predictions. Throwback at 2020


2021 has only begun, but Bitcoin already managed to establish a new all-time high. On January 2, it surged $30.000. Two days later, on its birthday the price surpassed $34000. Currently, the cryptocurrency is traded at around $31.000. 2021 is expected to be a great year for Bitcoin. Before...

eToro IPO

eToro Discusses to Launch an IPO at $5 B


Israeli technology news site Calcalist announced that financial services firm eToro intends to apply for an initial public offering (IPO). Based on the report, eToro is in discussions with an investment banking firm Goldman Sachs to launch a $5 B worth IPO. The organization aims to carry out the...

SkyBridge BTC funds

SkyBridge Capital Has Put $182 M in BTC


New York-based global investment enterprise SkyBridge, which owns $9.3 B worth of capital, intends to launch a Bitcoin fund on January 4. The organization submitted papers to the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 21. As mentioned in an investor brochure, the total sum of SkyBridge's...

BTC mining new high

Bitcoin Miner Profits Reaching a New High


BTC miner profits measured by terahash in a second (TH/s) has surged to a new high. TH (tera, 1 trillion) is one of the Bitcoin hash rate units. And hashrate is a scale of the computational power per second used during mining. Simply putting, it is the speed of the mining process. The latest...

XRP suspended on OKCoin and Coinbase

Coinbase and OKCoin Suspend XRP Activities


The case of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against Ripple continues to have negative impacts on the company. The number of firms terminating XRP purchases is increasing. A few days ago cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitstamp announced halting XRP purchases for an indefinite time....

BTC pass $28000

BTC Price Keeps Rising. Will it Reach $30.000?


Bitcoin gets closer and closer to $30.000. Today, on Dec. 28, it reached another all-time high surpassing $28000. Its market cap is above $524 B. This means the BTC price increased around $4000 within two days and 20% during the last week. The growth of the BTC price started in October when the...

Ethereum hits $711

Ethereum Goes Up by 13%, Reaching $711


Ethereum price has hit $711, which is the highest rate since May 2018. The cryptocurrency's market cap has surged $79.8 B. This follows after Bitcoin's rally, the price of which has already surpassed $28000. Many analysts assume that the Eth price will go much higher in 2021 and the coming year...

Bitstamp and XRP

Bitstamp to Suspend XRP Trading for US Customers


Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitstamp announced stopping XRP transactions for an indefinite time. The company tweeted, informing users that such a decision was made because of the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple. US customers will not be able to trade and deposit XRP from January...

BTC $25000

BTC Price Reaches $25000


After hitting $24,000 about a week ago, now Bitcoin makes another record, surging $25000. Community members celebrated the event. Many Bitcoiners were waiting for the new heights as recent months have been pretty bullish for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin proved itself to be resilient to...

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