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Bitcoin twitter

@Bitcoin Twitter account again supports Bitcoin (BTC)


The notorious Twitter account @Bitcoin, to the surprise of many members of the community, again “changed its orientation” and instead of the project supported by Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash now again points to Earlier, the description of @Bitcoin for a long time contained a link to...

Zengo Libra network

ZenGo Wallet Starts Supporting Libra Test Network


The developers of the non-custodian crypto wallet ZenGo have implemented support for the digital currency Libra test network. At the moment users will be able to send and receive tokens of the Libra test network, however, developers warn that so far these funds have no real value. You can...

Binance stablecoin Venus

Binance announces Venus:Libra's independent regional version


Binance, оne of the world's largest crypto exchanges, has announced a new project, which is connected with the blockchain industry. The new project Venus will produce stablecoins tied to local fiat currencies. This was reported by TechCrunch. Binance indicated that Venus's goal is to enable...

Moscow voting hack

Researcher hacked Moscow's blockchain voting in 20 minutes


French cryptographer Pierreck Godry hacked the Internet voting system developed by the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT), which put some of its components in the public domain, inviting everyone to find vulnerabilities, Meduza reports. So, the developers of DIT published encrypted...

Coinbase user data

Passwords of nearly 3500 Coinbase users stored in clear text


The leading cryptocurrency platform Coinbase reported a potential vulnerability, as a result of which the personal information of 3420 users, including passwords, was stored in clear text in the server’s internal log. According to the exchange, third parties did not receive unauthorized access to...

Craig Wright court

The court in Walter Scott poems refused Craig Wright


A federal court in the Southern District of Florida rejected the petition of Craig Wright (man who claims he is the creator of first cryptocurrency) to terminate the proceedings against him regarding the appropriation of 1.1 million BTC allegedly belonging to his former business partner Dave...

huobi numbers darknet

Huobi exchange's users' phone numbers being sold in darknet


The Chinese darknet markets sell the personal data of users of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange: at least, sellers themselves say so. Huobi also emphasizes that in reality, only an insignificant part of the information relates to the exchange, and its security systems were not hacked. So, we are...

mining in Ukraine

Mining on judicial administration's servers of Ukraine


The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation from the party "Servant of the People" Alexander Dubinsky intends to ensure the resumption of the criminal case on the fact of mining on the servers of the judicial administration of Ukraine. The politician wrote about this on his...

PlusToken arrest

Chinese police detain PlusToken pyramid stolen $3 billion


Primitive Ventures managing partner Dovey Wan said the Chinese police managed to apprehend key suspects in the alleged PlusToken pyramid, the damage from which was tentatively estimated at $3 billion. JUST IN as per sir @loomdart ‘s request, this thread is abt the on-going sells off made by PLUS...

Bitmex ad The Times

Regulator accused BitMEX of publishing an incorrect BTC ad


The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is a self-regulatory organization, has notified HDR Global Trading Ltd (BitMEX operator) that the first cryptocurrency ad, posted on January 3 this year in The Times, is misleading and also contains exaggerations. So, the ASA emphasized that on...

Lenta hack $500k btc

Extortionists want $500k in BTC not to poison Lenta's goods


The Russian trading network "Lenta" wrote a statement to the police because of a video message in which unidentified people demand to pay bitcoins in the amount of $500 thousand under the threat of food poisoning in stores. It is reported by Fontanka. The ransomware’s video message was...

Seed CX BTC swaps

Seed CX еxchange begins testing deliverable bitcoin swaps


Chicago-based cryptocurrency exchange Seed CX has begun the final phase of testing deliverable margin bitcoin swaps, reports The Block. According to representatives of Seed SEF, which specializes in swaps of the exchange division, testing will last throughout August. If the results are successful,...

Report: since 2019, scammers stole $4.3 billion in crypto

Report: since 2019, scammers stole $4.3 billion in crypto


Since the beginning of 2019, cybercriminals have stolen $4.3 billion in cryptocurrencies. This is evidenced by the CipherTrace company's new report on cybersecurity and analytics of blockchain networks, reports Cointelegraph. Researchers analyzed types of crime using digital currencies such as...

Chainlink liquidates tokens

Chainlink could carry out a huge liquidation of its tokens


The Chainlink team was suspected of large-scale liquidation of LINK tokens. For a month and a half, the project capitalization decreased by $600 million, Trustnodes reports. On July 6, a recruitment message was posted on the project’s Twitter page, which, according to some observers, was the...

Mukesh Ambani blockchain

India's richest man to launch a new blockchain


On of the Indian mobile operator', Reliance Jio Infocomm, owned by the country's richest man Mukesh Ambani, intends to launch its own blockchain within a year. This was stated by Ambani himself. “From the first day, tens of thousands of active nodes will be online,” he stressed. So, it is...

Coinbase adds Algorand

Bitcoin exchange Coinbase Pro will add support for Algorand


On August 14, US leading Bitcoin exchange Coinbase Pro will add support for the Algorand token and allow users to make deposits for at least 12 hours before the opening of trading. So, trading in the ALGO in pair with USD will be launched in several stages: initially, traders will be able to place...

Amazon removed "blockchain" job

Amazon removed "blockchain" from a job after hype in media


Amazon, an online retailer, published a job of a software developer on LinkedIn, who, among other things, was supposed to do “work on the blockchain.” Later, the company was forced to remove the mention of blockchain from the text of the vacancy due to media hype. So, according to the initial...

Balaji Srinivasan behind

Balaji Srinivasan may be behind the mysterious

by is nearly half older the age of the Bitcoin network, and it redirected most of its existence to a personal web page from a San Francisco developer named Brian T. Nakamoto. However, now it reads: “Bitcoin is a country. HODL or GTFO". So, according to CoinDesk sources, the site is...

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