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Mark Yusko Bitcoin

Head of Morgan Creek: BTC should be in investor’s portfolio


Embodying innovative technologies, Bitcoin is worthy to become part of the portfolio of any investor. This opinion was expressed by Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko in an interview with the TV presenter and founder of Heisenberg Capital Max Keiser. At first, Kaiser noted that the inclusion of...

Ukraine blockchain

Ukraine created a blockchain based on domestic cryptography


Ukraine has developed a software package for the basic blockchain system using domestic cryptography with high post-quantum strength. This is said in the press service of the Information Protection department. The technology can be used to conduct various polls, create a national cryptocurrency,...

Kobe Bryant mining

Mining script found in the photo of the deceased Kobe Bryant


Microsoft's cyber threat investigation team discovered malware for hidden mining in a desktop wallpaper featuring basketball player Kobe Bryant who died last week in a plane crash. While the world mourns the loss of an NBA legend, cybercriminals are, as expected, taking advantage of the tragedy. We...

Andrew Yang bitcoin

Presidential candidate: regulators can't stop use of bitcoin


The United States needs to develop a unified approach to regulating the crypto market so as not to harm the development of the industry. This was said by the presidential candidate in the 2020 elections, Andrew Yang, in an interview with Bloomberg. He stressed that without a single set of rules and...

digital yuan China

China disclosed details of the digital yuan issuance


Financial company Huatai Securities published a report on the details of the payment system and digital currency of the Central Bank of China under development called DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment). “Unlike digital currencies within a decentralized system such as bitcoin, DCEP uses a...

Paris Saint-Germain crypto

Paris Saint-Germain launches its token for fans with Socios


The fan token of the Paris Saint-Germain top soccer team (PSG) is now available for sale on the Socios blockchain platform, the team announced this on January 28 on its Twitter account. Les Fan Tokens du $PSG sont désormais en vente pour une durée limitée ! Ceux-ci vous permettent de voter à...

Chainalysis bitcoin darknet

Chainalysis: the popularity of bitcoin grows on the darknet


Chainalysis researchers concluded that the use of bitcoin on the darknet, including for the purchase of drugs, continues to grow. In a new report, the firm said that during the fourth quarter of last year, the volume of transactions with bitcoin on darknet markets amounted to $600 million. The...

House for 1 bitcoin

A resident of Lipetsk built a house for one bitcoin


An entrepreneur from Lipetsk, whom partners pay with bitcoins, gave an educational interview to the local publication He told about migrants in Russia, who send money in crypto and about a new house for 1 BTC. During the conversation, Alexander told what is Bitcoin, mining, and also about...

LinkedUp decentrelized LinkedIn

Dfinity showed a decentralized version of LinkedIn


The Dfinity blockchain startup showed an open decentralized variant of a social network LinkedIn for finding and establishing business contacts called LinkedUp, The Block reports. The application runs on the decentralized “Internet computer” Dfinity. According to the company, it will compete...

Ukraine hidden mining

Student faces 5 years in prison for hidden mining


Ukrainian cyber police detained a 20-year-old student from Odesa on suspicion of hidden crypto mining. This was reported on the official website of the department. “Having received a technical education, the young man used the acquired knowledge to commit illegal actions. As a member of hacker...

Tesla car bitcoin node

Tesla electric car was turned into a bitcoin node


The developers of the Bcoin were able to launch a full-fledged bitcoin node on the on-board computer of the Tesla electric car. #Bitcoin full node syncing in the dashboard of a @Tesla!Try it in your Roadster:— bcoin (@Bcoin)...

WEF Davos CBDC guide

Guideline for central bank digi-currency introduced in Davos


The Swiss non-governmental organization World Economic Forum (WEF) has introduced the first of its kind guide for central banks developing their own digital coins. This was reported on the WEF website. The CBDC Policy Maker Toolkit framework provides guidelines for central banks in various...

Pornhub Tether Justin Sun

Pornhub started accepting Tether stablecoin


One of the world's most popular websites for adult content, Pornhub, has added the Tether stablecoin (USDT) as a payment option. The Pornhub blog says USDT support comes from a partnership with TRON. Therefore, to make a payment using Tether, the service recommends using the TRONLink wallet. A new...

Venezuela Locha Blockchain

Venezuela develops solution to use bitcoin without Internet


The Venezuelan development team is preparing a new solution for BTC operations without an Internet connection. The solution is a mesh network called Locha. The developers are also working on two devices that will allow users to connect to the BTC blockchain using long-range waves. This was reported...

Beer AB InBev blockchain

AB InBev Brewing Company will use BanQu blockchain platform


The international brewing company AB InBev will use blockchain to work with farmers from Africa who supply raw materials. Due to the lack of developed banking infrastructure in the country, local farmers face difficulties in obtaining tax benefits. Thanks to the new blockchain solution developed by...

Peter Schiff Changpeng Zhao

CEO Binance and Buterin reacted to Peter Schiff's BTC loss


Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance crypto exchange, commented on an incident in which CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff lost access to his mobile bitcoin wallet. According to Zhao, centralized exchanges are the best way to store cryptocurrency. In particular, he cited the example of Binance,...

Samy Bensaci Don Tapscott

18-year-old hacker accused in fraud of $50 million in crypto


Montreal’s prosecutor’s office has filed four charges of $50 million in cryptocurrency fraud involving the substitution of SIM cards against an 18-year-old hacker. This was reported by local media. The indictment says that Bensaci was in a gang robbing Canadian and American crypto holders. SIM...

Peter Schiff lost bitcoin

Peter Schiff reported he lost access to his Bitcoin wallet


Well-known Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff told that he had lost access to all his coins, as his wallet password is no longer valid. For what reasons this happened, the financial expert was at a loss to answer, saying only that the wallet was compromised. I just lost all the #Bitcoin I have ever owned....

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