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Miners started selling ether


In the second half of October, miners started selling Ether (ETH) - this is an extremely alarming signal for the altcoin. A report from the Santiment team says bearish sentiment is on the rise. The activation of miners has become one of the factors signaling a more significant drop in the price of...

JP Morgan

JPM Coin blockchain project will be used for payments


JPM Coin, the digital currency of investment bank JPMorgan, will be used commercially for the first time this week when sending payments around the world. Said Takis Georgakopoulos, head of the bank's payment department. JPMorgan launches a division called Onyx, which develops blockchain and...


Monero hits its highest price for 2020


Apart from Bitcoin, Monero also peaked in 2020. XMR's price today is the highest in more than two years, since September 2018. The all-time maximum was reached on January 9, 2018, when, during a speculative bubble, the price was at $ 542, followed by a sharp drop, which in August of the same year...


Ether falls in price amid bitcoin strengthening


The correlation between Ethereum and Bitcoin prices weakened, and cryptocurrencies began to move in different directions. BTC continues to make new highs, trading above $ 13,000, while ETH, by contrast, has fallen below the critical level of $400. That is an alarming signal for the largest altcoin....

Digital Yuan

Legal framework for digital yuan to be presented in November


At the end of last week, the People's Bank of China presented the public with a digital currency regulation (CBDC) bill. Then the regulator announced that the final version of the document would be ready by the end of November. The bill states that the digital yuan will be recognized as the...


ETH surpassed BTC with addresses holding crypto up to $10


On the Ethereum network, 15 million addresses hold cryptos for $1 to $10. That is almost twice as much as on the Bitcoin blockchain, according to a report from the CoinMetrics team. Researchers found that 7.55 million addresses currently hold cryptos in the BTC network for up to $ 10. Besides,...


What determines the price of one bitcoin?


What determines the price of one bitcoin? This question is being asked by many. The financial factors of supply and demand, of course, have a decisive influence on the price of bitcoin. However, there are other factors as well, such as regulation, availability on exchanges, the cost of block...


Whale wallets have accumulated max number of LINK in 2020


Large investors continue to accumulate the ChainLink (LINK) cryptocurrency. The Santiment team recorded a new surge in the activity of so-called "crypto whales", gathering massive amounts of digital currency. In October, such players controlled the maximum number of LINK tokens in 2020....

China's bank

China's central bank wants to ban yuan-pegged stablecoins


The People's Bank of China (PBOC) wants to pass amendments to the current central bank law, which provides for the legalization of the digital yuan but prohibits the circulation of stablecoins pegged to the national currency. On October 23, the CB issued a notice to accept public comment on the...

Julian Sawyer

Former Gemini executive to become Bitstamp's new CEO


Julian Sawyer, a former top manager of the American cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, will become the new head of the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp. Sawyer joined Gemini in December 2019. Under his leadership, Gemini Europe Services, the European arm of the exchange, was registered with the UK Financial...


DeFi market capitalization exceeded $12 billion


The total value of digital currencies trapped in the DeFi ecosystem has reached a new high. According to the service, the market capitalization of the decentralized finance market on Friday, October 23, reached $ 12.3 billion. Over the past 48 hours, investors have funneled over a...

Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple may move to Japan or Singapore


Ripple could move its headquarters to Japan or Singapore if it decides to leave the US due to regulatory uncertainties. That is the CEO of the organization Brad Garlinghouse. Switzerland, the UK, and the UAE are also on the list of possible countries to relocate. All of these countries have clear...


Tether turns on printing press amid bitcoin rally


Bitcoin soared in price this week to its highest level since June 2019. On some trading platforms, the cryptocurrency exceeded $13,000. The Tether team seized the moment and released another batch of stablecoins (USDT). The issue of tokens took place in two stages on October 20 and 21, as evidenced...


BitMEX exchange tightens control over traders


The administration of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange decided to significantly reduce the time required to verify users. Said Ben Radcliffe, the commercial director of the parent company of the exchange 100x Group. According to the shortened schedule for the implementation of the plan to improve...


Investors massively withdraw ether from crypto exchanges


The largest altcoin ether (ETH) started this week with a strengthening of positions: the coin had risen in price to $370 after a pullback last weekend. As developers are preparing for the release of an updated version of Ethereum (ETH 2.0), investors are massively withdrawing cryptocurrency from...


Bitstamp insured users' assets upon losses linked to frauds


European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has introduced a new insurance policy that covers the theft of funds from platform users. “In addition to existing cold wallet insurance, Bitstamp customers are now protected by a separate insurance policy against losses that are related to criminal...


Hearings in the case of Alexander Vinnik began in France


A new series of court hearings have begun in the Paris Correctional Court in the case of Alexander Vinnik, co-founder of the now-closed cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e who was extradited from Greece to France. Vinnik faces up to ten years in prison on charges of extortion, money laundering, and...


Santiment mentions high correlation between BTC and S&P 500


Over the past few days, the correlation between Bitcoin and the US stock indicator S&P 500 has increased again. That is an alarming trend, analysts from the Santiment team say. Their report says that the US market is now stagnating due to the upcoming presidential elections. The Federal Reserve...

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