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The cap of Tether has broken another record, exceeding $36B


Stablecoin Tether (USDT), despite its many problems, still leads the ranking of fiat-backed tokens. The day before, the capitalization of this digital asset exceeded $ 36 billion. The growth in USDT supply suggests that the Tether issuer is preparing for the next phase of capital entry into the...


The correlation between ADA and BTC was negative in February


Altcoin Cardano (ADA) was able to show a different trajectory in the market from Bitcoin in February. According to Skew, the correlation between the two cryptocurrencies has been negative for the past 30 days. The researchers emphasized that the lack of dependence of altcoins on BTC is extremely...

George Ball

Prudential Financial ex-CEO says now it's time to buy BTC


Former Prudential Financial chairman George Ball was initially opposed to Bitcoin and the cryptosphere in general. The Wall Street veteran has often criticized digital currency, but in the past year, this businessman's attitude towards BTC began to change. Ball was recently interviewed by Yahoo...

Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO turns out the richest blockchain businessman


Brian Armstrong, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, turned out to be the richest entrepreneur in the blockchain industry in 2020. His fortune is estimated at $ 11.5 billion, Hurun said in a report. This team has compiled a rating of the most successful businessmen. It also included 17...

Netbox.Global announces new update on Whitepaper and Roadmap


Driven by the desire to make everything as accessible to people as possible, the team behind the Netbox.Global brand has updated its data on the services and products offered. It has also expanded its product portfolio to cover what online browsers offer, discovering new utilities for blockchain...


Dogecoin outdid Bitcoin in popularity on Twitter in February


At the end of February, Dogecoin turned out to be the most talked-about cryptocurrency on Twitter, bypassing Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to data from the ICO Analytics service. According to the tracker, the meme cryptocurrency accounted for 10.4% of mentions related to digital assets. The share...

Christopher Giancarlo

Former CFTC head invested in BlockTower Capital crypto fund


CFTC ex-chairman Christopher Giancarlo and American billionaire and investor Mark Lasry have invested an unnamed amount in BlockTower Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund. Giancarlo served as head of the CFTC from 2017 to 2019. Under his leadership, the regulator approved Bitcoin futures trading....


Dogecoin/Bitcoin correlation index falls since October 2020


Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency was the discovery of this year. The coin began to rise in value last fall, but it achieved the greatest success in February 2021. In the middle of last month, the DOGE rate reached $ 0.81. Then a long correction began, and today the altcoin is holding the defense in...

Jim Bianco

Bianco Research President mentions the growth of DeFi market


The decentralized finance market is shaping a fundamentally new economy, said Bianco Research President Jim Bianco. In his opinion, DeFi will deal a devastating blow to the traditional banking system, from which it will no longer be able to recover. Bianco likened this ecosystem to the internet...

Laetitia James

Laetitia James pointed out the risks of investing in crypto


New York State Attorney General Laetitia James is best known for recently getting Tether and Bitfinex to agree to pay $ 18.5 million to settle a lawsuit. James has publicly admitted this week that she considers it unwise to invest in cryptocurrencies. She released a statement. in which she pointed...


Investors of the TON project demand payment of compensation


Back in the spring of 2020, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced the closure of the TON blockchain project, which was supposed to become one of the largest in the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, the team of the messenger creators announced their readiness to return the funds...

One Dollar

Stablecoin trading volume exceeded $360 billion in February


At the end of February 2021, the total trading volume in stablecoins reached a new high. The number of transactions in digital assets backed by fiat money exceeded $ 360 billion last month. Tether (USDT) continues to hold first place. This asset accounts for up to 63.5% of the total volume of...


Grayscale invested $ 28.9 million in Litecoin in a month


Over the past 30 days, Grayscale has acquired 178,691 Litecoin (LTC). The financial giant invested $ 28.9 million in the purchase of such a volume of cryptocurrency, given the LTC rate of $ 162. Analysts found that Grayscale was accumulating Litecoin in parallel with increasing capital investment...

Ann Cairns

Mastercard called bitcoin unsuitable for payments


Bitcoin does not behave like a payment instrument - it is extremely volatile and takes too long to complete, Mastercard executive chairman Ann Cairns said in an interview. “If you and I go to drink coffee, and I decide to pay in bitcoins, our drink may cost me, for example, 40% more expensive...


Ethereum miners split into two camps due to EIP-1559


Ethereum miners have split into two warring camps due to the EIP-1559 proposal. It involves burning part of the transaction fees and helps to reduce the volatility of the gas price. The third-largest Ethereum pool, F2Pool, published a post in support of a proposal to improve the second-largest...


Another elderly billionaire urged not to buy bitcoin


Many older financiers are critical of bitcoin. Suffice it to recall Peter Schiff, who on Twitter periodically tries to present cryptocurrency from the worst side. He also urges investors to stop buying BTC and switch to gold, which he believes is the safest asset. Billionaire Charlie Munger, 97,...


Kraken negotiates $10 billion investment attraction


Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is in talks to attract investments from Fidelity, Tribe Capital, and General Atlantic at an estimate of $ 10 billion. According to Bloomberg, the terms of the possible deal are not final and in case of high demand, the exchange may receive an estimate of more than $...


Bitcoin futures trading volume hits new high


Amid falling bitcoin prices, BTC futures trading volumes have skyrocketed this week. If at the beginning of the week the largest digital currency was trading above $ 58,000 and was preparing to break through to $ 60,000, then on Monday its rate fell by more than $ 10,000. Bitcoin found the bottom...

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