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News and Articles by Diana

Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt called on the youth to invest in BTC and tech


According to trader and analyst Peter Brandt, the most promising areas for investment are real estate and innovative projects. He expressed his point of view on Twitter and appealed to the young generation with an appeal to buy bitcoins. Besides, the expert believes that the so-called generation of...


Another Central Bank is planning to launch its crypto coin


The number of countries wishing to develop their digital currency continues to grow. This week, the Central Bank of Thailand announced the launch of a project to create its token (CBDC). The regulator’s statement notes that before the official release of the cryptocurrency, it is planned to test...

Matter labs

Matter Labs launches zkSync, Ethereum network scaling tool


Startup Matter Labs has announced the launch of a Level 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum network. A tool called zkSync developed based on zkRollup technology, can process up to 2000 transactions per second. In comparison, the Ethereum blockchain currently processes an average of 15 transactions...

Mike Novogratz

Novogratz hopes institutional adoption of BTC will quicken


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz hopes institutional investors will soon start massively switching to BTC. Otherwise, we will not be able to see a new rise in the value of crypto, the businessman said in an interview. Novogratz is on the list of ardent supporters of BTC. He recently said that by...


Ryde launches its wallet for bitcoin payments


The Ryde Singapore-based carpooling (ride sharing) application has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency wallet, which will allow bitcoin payments for its services. Carpooling (Riding) is the sharing of private cars through online travel search services. On June 17, Ryde announced that it was...


China considers the launch of stablecoin for East Asia


China offers another crypto project aimed against the leadership of the US dollar in international payments. Chinese leaders intend to create a cryptocurrency for East Asia to reduce dependence on the US dollar and strengthen trade ties in the region. According to Nikkei Asia, ten members of the...


Founder of Centra Tech sentenced to 7 years in prison


The US Federal Court in Manhattan sentenced the founder of a fraudulent ICO worth $25 million to 87 months in prison and a fine of $250,000. On June 16, the founder of the cryptocurrency firm Centra Tech, Robert Farkas, who organized the ICO, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud....


Number of crypto ATMs in the world has become more than 8200


According to CoinATMRadar, now in 73 countries, there are 8,208 cryptocurrency ATMs through which users can buy and sell bitcoins, as well as various altcoins. More than 6,000 devices are located in the United States. Now Bitcoin-ATM allows operations with ether, litecoins, BCH, DASH, ZEC, XMR,...

Heath Tarbert

CFTC Chairman points to need for a crypto regulation concept


According to Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Heath Tarbert, it is necessary to develop the concept of cryptocurrency regulation before adopting legislation. That is, the US authorities should not just introduce laws on the control of the industry, but determine the...


Fraudsters steal coins of secret message service users


Cybercriminals have formed a phishing site that personifies, a genuine secret messaging service, to hijack users' bitcoins. On June 14, the KrebsOnSecurity website announced that the authors of, an encrypted note service, complained about the clone site,...

China may deploy CBDC based on existing economic structure

China may deploy CBDC based on existing economic structure


The People's Bank of China can launch digital currency (CBDC) based on the country's existing payment foundation. So says Glen Wu, head of the Ledger Vault office in the Asia-Pacific region. He emphasized that the Chinese authorities could take such a step so that people would not notice the...


EOS ecosystem is rapidly losing developers


Over the past year, the number of developers launching EOS-based applications has fallen by about 85%. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from Outlier Ventures. Recall that Block.One, a key developer of EOS, was able to raise $ 4 billion during the ICO. During its work, its specialists...


Steve Forbes has criticized Bitcoin's sharp volatility


Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes, a reputable business publication, enters the cryptocurrency industry camp. However, the same businessman systematically points out the shortcomings of bitcoin that impede its more active implementation in the global market. In one of his recent interviews,...


Binance announces quarterly Bitcoin futures launch


Binance announced the launch of quarterly BTC futures. Since 2019, Binance has been offering futuristic futures contracts with no expiration dates. Quarterly contracts expire on the last Friday of the corresponding three-month period. Like perpetual contracts, quarterly futures are offered with...


Tether technical director explained rise in USDT market cap


Tether (USDT) capitalization is now about $ 9.2 billion. According to experts, soon, this figure will reach $ 10 billion, which is a very good signal for the cryptocurrency industry. Paolo Ardoino, technical director of Tether, a development company, said that the increase in the capitalization of...


YouTube scammers cheated users and gained about $150,000


Several scammers hacked into legitimate YouTube accounts and modified the content to mimic the “SpaceX channel from Elon Mask.” The Channel broadcast archived footage with Mask to ask viewers to send bitcoins to the specified addresses. Also, there were at least 80,000 views of the fraudulent...


Bitmain confrontation ruins supply of ASIC miners to clients


After taking over Beijing's Bitmain office, the removed CEO Mikri Zhang regained control of it and even blocked the supply of ASIC miners from the Shenzhen plant. According to the Chinese publication BlockBeats, Zhang has issued an order that prohibits employees from sending products to Bitmain...


Busan provides access to public services via blockchain app


Busan, the second-largest South Korean city, will provide residents with access to public services through a blockchain identification application from Coinplug. Korean startup Coinplug is still working within the framework of the so-called regulatory sandbox, organized by local authorities. The...

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