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Japan regulator approved Huobi token and 25 other assets


The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) lately adopted Huobi Token (HT), and the eponymous exchange became the first global platform whose native token received permission from a specific jurisdiction. FSA has established HT as a crypto asset that complies with the country's regulatory rules, and...


The first decentralized Bitcoin exchange launches in Cuba


In early April, Italian-Cuban entrepreneur Mario Mazzola developed and expanded a decentralized p2p bitcoin exchange in Cuba. Cryptocurrencies are currently not banned in Cuba. Most global companies shy away from this country due to US sanctions. Mazzola told the media that the Qbita crypto...

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

LabCFTC head: COVID-19 can digitalize the payment base


Melissa Netram, head of the research division of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), predicts an acceleration of the transition to a qualitatively new financial infrastructure. The structure of the global economy is changing. For some areas, the crisis will deal a crushing blow, but...


Nicolas Maduro gives farmers loans in Petro cryptocurrency


The Venezuelan authorities have begun lending to farmers in the Petro crypto, the country's President Nicolas Maduro said. During his television appearance, the Venezuelan leader emphasized that firms engaged in grain production have already begun to receive their first loans in national digital...


One more Central Bank is engaged in digital euro launch


In Europe, another Central Bank has joined the ranks of regulators with a keen interest in the cryptocurrency industry. The report of the Bank of the Netherlands says that the regulator allows its participation in the development and testing of the digital euro. Earlier, the Bank of France made a...

Brad Garlinghouse

XRP distribution ads cause Ripple's claim against YouTube


Ripple Labs and its leader, Brad Garlinghouse, have filed a lawsuit against YouTube for making video hosting an “accomplice” of repeated fraudulent XRP distributions. Ripple Labs filed a lawsuit against video hosting in the Northern District of California on April 21. Ripple Labs points to...


US citizens use their $1200 checks to buy cryptocurrencies


Recently, the United States issued 80 million checks for Americans worth $1,200. Checks were issued to help citizens affected by the coronavirus so that they could buy needs, food, and pay utility bills. However, it seems that some Americans just decided to exchange their dollars for...


Hacker returns all stolen assets to dForce DeFi project


The hacker refunded all the stolen stocks - about $ 25 million - to the Chinese DeFi project dForce. Yesterday, the hacker returned dForce $ 2.79 million, and today the rest was given back. Sergey Kunz, CEO of said that the attacker had returned all the funds because his IP address...

People's Bank China

China's CB says the release of CBDC won't raise inflation


The upcoming issue of regulated digital currency (CBDC) in China is widely perceived by society. Many people fear that after the launch of the digital version of the renminbi, inflation will surge. That may lead to further economic difficulties. The representative of the People's Bank of China at...

Arrano Capital

The first regulated Bitcoin fund will launch in Hong Kong


Arrano Capital, a division of Venture Smart Asia, an asset management company, has announced the launch of Hong Kong's first regulated Bitcoin fund. According to a press release published on April 20, the fund is going to provide institutional investors with access to bitcoin through the fund’s...


Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $200 billion


Bitcoin and other major digital currencies moved to growth at the end of this week. Over the past 24 hours, coins have added 6-12% in value. At the time of publication of this review, BTC grew to $7090, the capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency is now just over $129.9 billion. The largest...


Binance launches blockchain with support for smart contracts


Binance declared a new blockchain, based on BNB token. A blockchain named Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is going to support the functionality of smart contracts. “Ethereum is the first widely used smart contract platform. To take advantage of its relatively popular applications and community, the BSC...


BitGo acquires Lumina as part of its institutional platform


BitGo announced the purchase of a startup Lumina, which contributes economic and tax reporting services. The new procurement will let BitGo extend the range of services and create a universal cryptocurrency platform for investors. Organization CEO Mike Belsh said that now BitGo customers will be...

Bitcoin's price

Bitcoin Price Spikes Above $7K, Liquidating $23M on BitMEX


The rapid rise in the value of bitcoin by $500 on Thursday, led to mass liquidations on the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange. The price of bitcoin has shown rapid growth from $6650, peaking at $7145 around 03:00 AM CT. According to data from analytic company Skew, the sudden movement led to the...

Enjin platform

Enjin blockchain gaming platform enters the Chinese market


The Enjin game platform opens access to its wallet for the Chinese region. According to a report on Monday, ENJ is now "approved and submissive with regulatory requirements in China." In a comment to CoinDesk, Brian Kortendik, vice director of marketing at Enjin, said the wallet was...

Ethereum blockchain

Etherscan added illegal activity monitoring in Ethereum


Etherscan, one of the most popular observers on the Ethereum blockchain, has launched an “illegal activity” monitoring feature. The Etherescan team will now compile and supplement the blacklist of Ethereum addresses, and the ETHProtect function will allow you to check the origin of incoming...

People's Bank

China introduced a test interface of CB's digital currency


One of the participants in the project to launch a regulated token (CBDC) in China presented his version of the interface for operations with this asset. As the portal Coin Desk clarifies, customers of the Agricultural Bank of China will be able to use the interface in test mode....


China unveils members of its national blockchain committee


The Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the PRC has declared a list of affiliates of its national blockchain committee, which is going to establish rules in the field. To ensure that the federal criteria set by the team were consistent with applicable laws and additionally contributed to...

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