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News and Articles by Diana

Opera browser

Opera is the first to add decentralized domain's support


Users of Opera will now have access to decentralized network resources as the browser began working with the Unstoppable Domains startup. As a result of the collaboration, the platform integrated the .crypto domain extension provided by the startup. That allows you to browse sites with...


Riot Blockchain warned about COVID-19's impact on BTC mining


Riot Blockchain, an American mining company, is experiencing “serious disruptions” in bitcoin mining operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Information about the risk was mentioned in the annual report for the SEC. Unlike the previous year, the “General Risks” section of the report...

Justin Sun

Tron launches DeFi platform with stablecoin


The Tron Foundation has launched a MakerDAO-style stablecoin emission system secured by crypto. Something new. #DJED #TRON #TRX $TRX— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 28, 2020 Justin Sun declared concerning the creation of a “decentralized stablecoin secured by...

Hodl Hodl

Trading platform Hodl Hodl has become a user of the Liquid


Hodl Hodl became the first P2P trading platform to use the Liquid sidechain. Liquid is Blockstream’s sidechain technology, which is currently used by 45 exchanges, retailers, and financial companies. This solution allows you to make fast and confidential bitcoin transactions, as well as safely...


Wordlex Review On Project Of Staking With 2% Daily Profit


Hey Everyone! The List Of Has Been Replenished With The New Product Wordlex. The Projects Offers To Buy Its Own Token And Earn Profit With Staking. We Add The Project Among The First, When Writing This Feedback, The Fund Is In The Process Of Being Finalized – You Can Register Right Now, But Main...


Multisend – ERC20 Token Airdropper goes Live


Multisend is a tool which allows for the mass distribution of ERC-20 Tokens to multiple wallet addresses with a single transaction fee. The new tool, developed by the Digital Asset Group, allows a single user to effectively ‘airdrop’ tokens to thousands of addresses with 3 simple steps at the...

Coinbase wallet

Coinbase wallet users get direct access to cryptocredit


Coinbase Wallet developers announced the integration of various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols into the wallet interface. Thus, obtaining passive income on crypto assets has been hugely simplified. #DeFi is going mobile📱Users can now access lending protocols like @compoundfinance and...

Brave browser

Brave will introduce built-in Bitcoin trading option


The developers of the privacy-oriented browser Brave intend to add the opportunity to sell, purchase, exchange, and store cryptos. To this end, the organization started a partnership with the Binance. We're thrilled to partner with @binance to bring cryptocurrency trading directly into the...

Digital Yuan

China is closer to launching digital yuan thanks to Alipay


The People's Bank of China, with the support of the payment company Alipay, has finished work on the basic functionality of the digital currency and has now focused on preparing laws to regulate its circulation. Indirectly, the transfer of the project to a new stage is indicated by Alipay's...


Bitfinex fights against market manipulation with Shimmer


Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is going to introduce the Shimmer tool, intended to detect suspicious activity and provide fair conditions for the work of traders. Bitfinex launches Shimmer to monitor its own markets.Ensuring a fair and safe environment for the entire community is our...

Paxful integrates Chainalysis's activity monitoring solution

Paxful integrates Chainalysis's activity monitoring solution


Paxful's P2P Bitcoin trading platform has partnered with analytic startup Chainalysis. The purpose of the cooperation is to use the startup software to reduce the risk of violation of legislative norms during transactions. Paxful uses two tools. The first, Chainanalysis KYT, allows you to track and...


Uniswap launches a new version of a decentralized platform


Uniswap protocol developers announced the launch of the second version of a decentralized platform in the next quarter. 🦄 We are thrilled to announce Uniswap V2, the second iteration of Uniswap!!!V2 includes many new features and improvements. Read the full details on our new Uniswap...

Bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin hash drop reduced block finding speed by 60%


The recent sharp drop in the price of bitcoin has forced miners to disconnect some of the equipment. That led to a 60% increase, in the time spent on average finding a new block. Such data were cited by Ankit Chiplunkar, a leading researcher at TokenAnalyst. 1/4) Bitcoin prices fell by 50% in the...


A hardfork took place in Steem blockchain


Steem's blogging platform has restarted on the new blockchain after Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation CEO’s attempt to seize power. It’s been a wild 24 hours 🥳- We have had a successful launch - A major listing announced through @BittrexExchange- Many dApps already up and running 💪...

Latin America

Latin America LocalBitcoins trading rises due to quarantine


Amid the closure of banks due to quarantine in Venezuela, the popularity of bitcoin began to grow again. That's evidenced by the trading volume of BTC on the peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins. ...


Data of 538M Weibo accounts sold on the darknet for BTCs


The Chinese counterpart to Twitter, Sina Weibo microblogging service, has been hacked. 538 million Weibo users data was sold on telephone numbers for 0.177 BTC. Private data of users is tied to 172 million numbers, including an identifier, password, gender, geolocation, number of Weibo posts,...

Silk Road

Silk Road Coin Presentation by LGR Group


The time is past when tossing a single coin was already an added value. There are currently hundreds of coins and thousands of tokens in the world of cryptocurrencies, and therefore when a company wants to succeed it must offer not just one coin or one token, but an entire value proposition for an...


Bitcoin hashrate drops amid stability on Ethereum network


The hashrate of the leading crypto coin network decreased to 82.28 EH/s. Since March 12, when the cost of bitcoin fell to below $5000, the total computing power has lost about 34%. A similar pointer of Ethereum at the same time remains relatively stable since the end of February, although quotes...

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