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News and Articles by Diana

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo lists bitcoin as a speculative instrument


A Wells Fargo report says bitcoin is classified as a speculative instrument. At the same time, in 2020 BTC showed very good performance and was one of the most efficient assets. The bank's analysts recalled that the value of the largest cryptocurrency this year has grown by more than 170%. The coin...


Miners have sharply increased the sale of bitcoins


The volume of cryptocurrency traded by bitcoin miners has grown to its highest level since the beginning of 2018. Their report says that miners are now selling about the same amount of BTC coins that they were able to sell in January 2018. Recall that 2018 went down in history as one of the most...


Winklevoss brothers iterate that BTC will exceed gold in cap


Co-founders of the Gemini crypto exchange, twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, once again pointed to the giant potential of Bitcoin. They have repeatedly stated that the largest digital currency is set for long-term growth. As part of an online conference on fintech, which opened on...


Square to allocate $10M to support green bitcoin mining


Square has announced its plan to become a zero-carbon company by 2030. This was announced in a press release from Square on December 8th. As part of the initiative, Square will provide $ 10 million to "support companies that are working to introduce and improve the efficiency of renewable...


Another businessman predicted a crazy year for Bitcoin


The number of bitcoin supporters is growing among businessmen. Earlier it became known that such large players as, for example, Paul Tudor Jones, have already invested in BTC. U. S. Global Advisors CEO Frank Holmes said that 2021 will be a crazy year not only for gold but also for cryptocurrencies....


Monero address activity has skyrocketed


Twitter users have noticed a sharp increase in addresses on the Monero network (XMR). According to BitinfoCharts, the number of daily transactions on December 7 exceeded 22,000. This is the highest figure in the entire history of the blockchain. For 12 months, the transaction activity of Monero...

Adam Back

Adam Back suggests replacing satoshi with bits


Blockstream CEO Adam Back believes bitcoin users are better off using "bits" instead of "satoshi" when making day-to-day transactions. Satoshi is the smallest and most indivisible unit of the value of bitcoin. One bitcoin is divided into 100 million satoshi. According to Beck,...


Cardano strengthens its position ahead of the Goguen fork


A software update for the Cardano Network (ADA) is scheduled for mid-December 2020. On the eve of the Goguen fork, the price of this altcoin is rising moderately. The coin has already risen to eighth place in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies. The ADA rate on Monday, December 7, rose to $...


Positive Bitcoin tweets hit six-month high


The number of positive posts about Bitcoin has skyrocketed on Twitter. Even the recent drop in the value of the largest digital currency could not provoke a surge of negative emotions among users of the social network. The number of positive reviews for BTC has reached its highest level in the past...

Mark Yusko

Morgan Creek CEO highlights one of the barriers to BTC


According to Morgan Creek CEO Mark Yusko, traditional institutions are trying in every possible way to slow down the adoption of bitcoin. The businessman expressed his position on Twitter and noted that opposition from such institutions is one of the main problems for the largest digital currency...


International crypto regulation standards may appear in 2021


By the end of 2021, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) may approve cryptocurrency regulation standards. Pascal Saint-Amans, head of the Center for Tax Policy and Administration of the international organization, told about this to journalists. He noted that the...


Cypherpunk ditches Ether and Monero in favor of Bitcoin


Another financial giant reported an increase in investment in bitcoin. Canadian investment firm Cypherpunk announced last Thursday that it had purchased 72,979 BTC since June 30, 2020. The increase in Bitcoin reserves was the result of the liquidation of the company's assets in Ether (ETH) and...


Ethereum fees began to rise again due to network congestion


Ethereum transaction processing fees began to rise again at the end of this week. That is due to a surge in blockchain user activity, which caused its overload. According to the BitinfoCharts service, the number of transactions in the network jumped to 1.2 million per day. Earlier, a similar trend...


Cryptocurrency outflow on OKEx exceeded $ 110 million


Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx recorded an outflow of more than $ 110M worth of cryptocurrencies within a few hours after resuming the withdrawal function. According to analyst company CryptoQuant, 2,822 BTC was withdrawn 15 minutes after withdrawals were resumed on November 26. According to...


Japanese business supports CB ambition to launch digital yen


Large financial institutions in Japan support the country's central bank's aspiration to issue a national digital currency (CBDC). For example, the CEO of Monex Inc., Oki Matsumoto, told reporters that the arrival of the digital yen would strengthen the country's position in the global market....

Mike Novogratz

Novogratz urged investors to invest 3% of capital in BTC


According to Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz, BTC will grow in value in the long term. The businessman and BTC supporter expressed his forecast in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live. Novogratz stressed that the rise of cryptocurrency this year was the result of massive capital inflows into this...


Binance requires American users to close accounts


Binance began sending notifications to US users demanding that accounts be closed within 14 days. Dear user, while checking compliance with existing charges, we found that you identified yourself as a US citizen when you access Binance, ”the exchange said in an email. “Please note that due to...


Stellar soared in price by 60% in a day


Over the past 24 hours, Stellar (XLM) has soared in value by 60% and made it to the top ten altcoins. For the first time since November 2018, the XLM rate exceeded $ 0.2. The capitalization of the digital currency on Wednesday, November 25, rose to $ 4.234 billion. Analysts attribute the growth in...

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