Crypto 101


Everything you need to know about crypto wallets


Where do we all keep our cash money? Most of us generally use wallets. Nowadays in general finances became something that is not physically tangible, because it became digital. But we all understand that digital money also needs someplace to be kept and so the digital wallet was invented for that...

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Ripple, EOS and much more. All these are the names of the cryptocurrencies that are still functioning. And the scariest part is that their number is not 5, 10, or even equal to the number of countries, like national currencies, they are more than 2000. Each differs not only by name and cost but also by functionality, the scope of application, the speed of “creation”, capitalization and many other things. Even experienced traders of the crypto market don’t know all the details concerning each coin.

In order to understand how and for what any coin was created, to make out in questions like meaning and possibilities of their mining, what their functionality is based on, we created the Crypto 101 category, where you will find answers to all your questions regarding different crypto coins. And all this in a convenient form of visualized content through the explaining cards.

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