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In 2020, the share of the illegal use of BTC has decreased


Researchers from the Chainalysis company found that in 2020 the share of the illegal use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has significantly decreased. However, such tools are still very popular among criminals because they can be used to send funds anonymously, the analysts said in a report....


Ruffer predicts gradual institutional adoption of Bitcoin


British financial firm Ruffer Investment believes institutional investors will gradually move into bitcoin. That is stated in the review of the giant, dedicated to assessing the market situation over the past six months. The authors noted that as early as last year, there was a tendency in which...

Bitfinex Applied for Putting off the Trial Date for a Month

Bitfinex Applied for Putting off the Trial Date for a Month


Tether's founder and the cryptocurrency trading platform Bitfinex's owner iFinex Inc turned to the New York Supreme Court. The request is to reappoint the expected trial day one month later. Within the period, the company will present all the necessary papers to the legal authority. Initially, the...

Ether set a new record

Ethereum Surged to a New All-Time High


The price of the largest altcoin by market cap surged to $1,439 on Bitstap. The previous all-time high dates back to 2018. The market cap of the cryptocurrency surpasses $163 B at the moment. Recently the Ethereum network's daily transaction volume has also been rising noticeably. At the moment it...


Iranian authorities confiscate another batch of miners


Iranian law enforcement agencies have confiscated another batch of underground mining equipment. According to the local news agency Tasmin, this illegal mining farm stole electricity from the state-owned company Tavanir. In the Islamic Republic, power engineers, together with law enforcement...


Binance Coin has risen in price by 189%


On January 18, 2021, the Binance Coin (BNB) rate rose to a record high: the coin rose to $ 46.18. Today, the token retreated as part of the correction and fell to $ 45.46. Cryptocurrency capitalization on Tuesday, January 19, fell to $ 6.474 billion, but BNB is still in the top ten altcoins. Over...


Open interest in futures on ChainLink exceeded $287 million


According to the latest data, open interest in futures contracts on ChainLink (LINK) has surged to a new high. Researchers from the team found that this figure reached $ 287.72 million at the end of this week. The surge in interest in LINK-futures is observed against the backdrop of...

Grayscale set a new record

Grayscale Set a New Record, Raising over $700 M in a Day


On January 15, cryptocurrency manager Grayscale Investments surged $700 M. The increase has started in the final quarter of the last year. The CEO of the company Michael Sonnenshein tweeted about it. Grayscale accumulated $3.3 B through its cryptocurrency investment instruments in Q4 2020. This...


US Treasury Ex-Secretary predicts BTC price will increase


Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said that bitcoin will not collapse, its price will continue to rise in the long term. “The cryptocurrency looks much more resilient after the price set a new record and then declined,” he said. Summers believes that the reason for the continued...

Elon Musk

Musk supported BTC as a shield against the madness of banks


SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been active in Bitcoin-related discussions lately. Recently, the author of the book "Bitcoin Billionaires" Ben Mezrich tweeted that, in the future, he will never give up receiving payments in Bitcoin. In response to a tweet from Mezrich, Musk...

Dot 4th market cap

Polkadot Now is the Fourth Largest Asset by Market Cap


Polkadot's price has seen a huge growth in the last week. It went up by 60% and trades above $16 at the moment. The market cap of the asset surpassed $14 B, getting ahead of XRP. Now Dot is the 4th largest asset, coming after Tether. On the other hand, XRP faces difficulties after the SEC filed a...

Kraken halts XRP

Kraken Exchange Suspends XRP for US Users


On January 15, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced suspending the XRP token trading for users from the US. The termination will enter into force on January 30, at 1 a.m. UTS. The decision doesn't concern customers from other countries. The company mentioned the reason for the suspension to be...

Portugal. The Man fan token

Rock Band Portugal. The Man to Launch Fan Token


Popular American rock group Portugal. The Man announced releasing its social token "PTM coin" on the Ethereum-based Rally Network. The group's followers can spend the token on selective music, video, and merchandise. The token holders will have the advantages of accessing various...


Gemini exchange is considering entering the stock market


Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are thinking about the possibility of the Gemini crypto exchange entering the stock market. In an interview with Bloomberg, the twins, who founded the exchange in 2013, said entering the stock market is one option they are now considering in the context of the company's...


Pantera Capital CEO expects BTC to skyrocket to $115K


By August 2021, Bitcoin will be able to skyrocket to $ 115,000, Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead said. Moreover, he expressed this point of view earlier. Back in August last year, the CEO of Pantera Capital said that the largest digital currency would periodically renew highs. We are now entering...


Over 340 ads for COVID vaccines sale found on the darknet


Fake advertisements for the sale of COVID-19 vaccines are spreading on the darknet, for which they ask for payment in bitcoins. Specialists found more than 340 similar ads on 34 sites. According to Check Point's calculations, there were eight such pages back in December. The average cost per dose...

Grayscale XRP Trust terminated

Grayscale Decided on Closing XRP Trust


Grayscale Investments informed the users it had started the process of XRP Trust termination. The move is connected with the legal actions SEC had started against Ripple for selling unregistered security. The firm will share cash to investors after liquidating all XRP held by the stock, without...

Ki Young Ju

CryptoQuant CEO expects institutionals to keep BTC over $30K


On Thursday, January 14, bitcoin is trading slightly above $ 37,390. Cryptocurrency capitalization per day increased by more than 9% to $ 693.7 billion. BTC is gradually recovering positions lost as a result of the fall at the beginning of this week. Last Monday, bitcoin on some trading floors fell...

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