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Ripple invested in SBI holdings

Ripple Extends Its Partnership with SBI Holdings


Officials announced that Ripple has invested in Money Tap, a secondary of Tokyo-based financial group SBI holdings. With the recently introduced funds, Money Tap can boost the development of new functions and services like community currency, business payments as well as inbound and outbound...


Miners started selling ether


In the second half of October, miners started selling Ether (ETH) - this is an extremely alarming signal for the altcoin. A report from the Santiment team says bearish sentiment is on the rise. The activation of miners has become one of the factors signaling a more significant drop in the price of...

JP Morgan

JPM Coin blockchain project will be used for payments


JPM Coin, the digital currency of investment bank JPMorgan, will be used commercially for the first time this week when sending payments around the world. Said Takis Georgakopoulos, head of the bank's payment department. JPMorgan launches a division called Onyx, which develops blockchain and...


Monero hits its highest price for 2020


Apart from Bitcoin, Monero also peaked in 2020. XMR's price today is the highest in more than two years, since September 2018. The all-time maximum was reached on January 9, 2018, when, during a speculative bubble, the price was at $ 542, followed by a sharp drop, which in August of the same year...


Ether falls in price amid bitcoin strengthening


The correlation between Ethereum and Bitcoin prices weakened, and cryptocurrencies began to move in different directions. BTC continues to make new highs, trading above $ 13,000, while ETH, by contrast, has fallen below the critical level of $400. That is an alarming signal for the largest altcoin....

DBS ready to launch crypto exchange

Singapore’s DBS Bank will Launch its Crypto Exchange


The crypto adoption process has been growing. Singapore's largest bank DBS has decided to be a part of it. On 27 October the bank published about the launch of its “DBS Digital Exchange”, which has probably been deleted afterwards. Anyway, there are a lot of screenshots distributed in the...

Digital Yuan

Legal framework for digital yuan to be presented in November


At the end of last week, the People's Bank of China presented the public with a digital currency regulation (CBDC) bill. Then the regulator announced that the final version of the document would be ready by the end of November. The bill states that the digital yuan will be recognized as the...


ETH surpassed BTC with addresses holding crypto up to $10


On the Ethereum network, 15 million addresses hold cryptos for $1 to $10. That is almost twice as much as on the Bitcoin blockchain, according to a report from the CoinMetrics team. Researchers found that 7.55 million addresses currently hold cryptos in the BTC network for up to $ 10. Besides,...


Whale wallets have accumulated max number of LINK in 2020


Large investors continue to accumulate the ChainLink (LINK) cryptocurrency. The Santiment team recorded a new surge in the activity of so-called "crypto whales", gathering massive amounts of digital currency. In October, such players controlled the maximum number of LINK tokens in 2020....

China's bank

China's central bank wants to ban yuan-pegged stablecoins


The People's Bank of China (PBOC) wants to pass amendments to the current central bank law, which provides for the legalization of the digital yuan but prohibits the circulation of stablecoins pegged to the national currency. On October 23, the CB issued a notice to accept public comment on the...

Audio soars 1000%

AUDIO Token Soars 1000% After Being Listed on Binance


Meanwhile, DeFi industry keeps developing, investors are finding new presale options and new token listings aiming to earn huge interests in a short period. Anyway, sometimes this became the reason for heavy losses because of the number of what is known “rug pulls” effecting in investors losing...

Julian Sawyer

Former Gemini executive to become Bitstamp's new CEO


Julian Sawyer, a former top manager of the American cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, will become the new head of the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp. Sawyer joined Gemini in December 2019. Under his leadership, Gemini Europe Services, the European arm of the exchange, was registered with the UK Financial...

CME Second Biggest Bitcoin Futures Market

CME Now is the Second Biggest Bitcoin Futures Market


The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) became the second major BTC derivatives trading protocol in open interest behind OKEx, supported by escalating formal requirements. The term open interest applies to the amount of the price of all extended and small derivatives deals that are intensively...

Chainlink price goes higher

Chainlink Price Goes up to 10% Higher


While the price of BTC has continued to be $13,000, Chainlink (Link) has increased by 10% in the past 24 hours. The coin currently trades for $11.93, which is its highest rate for many weeks. Currently, the altcoin is the leader in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, getting ahead of Bitcoin’s 1.5%...

Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple may move to Japan or Singapore


Ripple could move its headquarters to Japan or Singapore if it decides to leave the US due to regulatory uncertainties. That is the CEO of the organization Brad Garlinghouse. Switzerland, the UK, and the UAE are also on the list of possible countries to relocate. All of these countries have clear...


Tether turns on printing press amid bitcoin rally


Bitcoin soared in price this week to its highest level since June 2019. On some trading platforms, the cryptocurrency exceeded $13,000. The Tether team seized the moment and released another batch of stablecoins (USDT). The issue of tokens took place in two stages on October 20 and 21, as evidenced...

Pay Pal joins crypto environment

PayPal Enables Bitcoin and Crypto Trading


PayPal has teamed up the crypto trade, informing that now its clients can purchase Bitcoin and other digital ventures via their PayPal accounts. Then the virtual assets could be managed to buy stuff from the 26 M traders which approve PayPal. PayPal aims to add buying alternatives in the US within...

Bahamas launches a CBDC

The Bahamas launches its CBDC


The Central Bank of the Bahamas has launched its own blockchain-supported central bank digital currency (CBDC), becoming one of the first countries on the global scale to formally issuing a CBDC. Named “Sand Dollars,” the tokens are cryptographic symbols of the Bahamian dollar, minted and...

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