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CCID crypto rank Bitcoin

Crypto TOP: Bitcoin fell to 3 positions, the leader is EOS


The China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) has published the next 17th cryptocurrency rating in a row, in which EOS still ranked first. Bitcoin (BTC) moved down to rank 14, skipping ahead Cosmos (ATOM), Stellar (XLM) and DASH. The three leaders in comparison with the previous...

power plant sells Bitcoin hash

U.S. power plant first sells bitcoin hash on the OTC market


The New York-based hybrid powerhouse Greenidge Generation has entered into its first regulated contract to sell computing power for Bitcoin mining. The buyer, who acquired a hash rate of 106 petaheshes, was an unnamed institutional investor. The purpose of such contracts, according to the broker...


Binance crypto exchange added five new fiat currencies


Binance decided to enlarge support for fiat money by adding 5 more currencies. It seems that the platform plan to introduce 180 fiat currencies before the end of 2020 is being implemented successfully. On April 10, the exchange published that now owners of Colombian pesos (COP), South Korean won...

Monero mining on HTC

Monero mining will be available on HTC EXODUS 1S smartphones


Smartphone maker HTC has announced a partnership with Midas Labs ASIC device developer, so EXODUS 1S owners will be able to mine Monero in the DeMiner application. It is reported by The Block. According to the main blockchain developer of HTC Phil Chen, the upcoming application in the second...

Fold and Visa

Visa and Fold will issue a credit card with cashback in BTC


Bitcoin receives support from Visa corporation, which started collaborating with the Fold startup to create a credit card with a BTC cashback. CEO of the startup Will Reeves stated that Bitcoin users would be rewarded with up to 10% of purchases made using Fold and Visa credit cards. He believes...

BUX crypto trading

Europe: app for crypto trading with 0 commission is launched


Residents of 25 European countries will be able to use the BUX Crypto application from the Dutch fintech company BUX to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in euros and with zero commission for holders of native tokens. We’re proud to announce that BUX Crypto is LIVE 🎉 To celebrate the...

Bitcoin SV halving

The first halving took place on the Bitcoin SV network


On the night of April 10, the first halving took place on the BSV network. As a result, the reward for miners was reduced from 12.5 BSV to 6.25 BSV. The halving took place at block #630000 00:48 UTC. The indicated block was found by the pool, which is part of the structure of the...

Galaxy Digital loss

Mike Novogratz's bank recorded a loss of $33 million


According to the results of the IV quarter of 2019, the crypto bank of billionaire Mike Novogratz Galaxy Digital received a loss of $32.9 million. The company disclosed financial indicators in a press release. In the framework of the conference call, after the publication of the reports, the head...

Bitcoin hash rate

Bitcoin mining difficulty resumes growth after a record fall


As a result of another recalculation, the complexity of mining of BTC has grown by almost 3.5% from 13.9 to 14.4 trillion hashes. On March 26, the indicator experienced the second-largest decline in history, falling immediately by 15.95%. This was the result of a sharp reduction in the hash rate of...

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash hash dropped almost immediately after halving


Shorter than a day after the halving in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) system, the computing power unexpectedly dropped to a minimum. A surge in the activity of miners was recorded a few days before the halving. BCH hashrate exceeded 4.3 exhash per second (EH/s) in early April. After reducing the block...

Bisq hack

Hacker stole $250000 from Bisq users


Late in the evening of April 7, DEX Bisq suddenly shut down trading after it discovered a “critical security vulnerability.” Bisq sounded the alarm, determining that the hacker took advantage of the vulnerability of the exchange software and stole cryptos worth more than $250,000 from users....

Interest in Bitcoin will rise after miners' reward decreases

Interest in Bitcoin will rise after miners' reward decreases


Numerous crypto exchanges expect a rush in interest in bitcoin thanks to the halving (drop in the reward of miners). A recent statement from the Gemini platform notes that after halving, many people's attitudes toward cryptocurrency will change. They will see that Bitcoin technology is independent...

Paxful adds gold

Paxful launches physical gold trading for bitcoins


Paxful’s P2P platform for bitcoin trading has allowed customers to make transactions for the purchase and sale of the first cryptocurrency for physical gold. The company announced this on its blog. Site CEO Ray Youssef sees growing interest in gold as a safe investment in light of the recession...


Coinmetrics determined how many BTCs haven't moved 5 years


Analyst Coinmetrics considers that the current market supply of BTC at 18.3 million coins doesn't reflect real liquidity. According to the information, 2.3M BTC is forever lost or concentrated in the hands of long-term investors. These coins did not move for more than five years. A similar...

Gemini and Brave

Gemini will support Brave browser's BAT token


The Gemini crypto exchange, owned by the Winklevoss brothers, will add support for the Basic Attention Token (BAT) of the Brave cryptobrowser digital advertising platform in April. After April 24, BAT will become the sixth digital asset on Gemini in addition to the previously listed Bitcoins,...

South Korea

South Korea starts testing a cryptocurrency pilot program


The business regulator of South Korea will determine the technical and legal grounds for the creation and issue of the digital currency of the central bank (CBDC) from March to December of next year. The technical aspect focuses on the design and functioning of the CBDC. A separate question to be...


Japan postpones enforcement of new crypto regulation laws


New arrangements for cryptocurrencies in Japan due to “unexpected delays” will come into force on May 1, and not from April, as previously planned. That is about improvements to the Law on Financial Settlements and the Law on Financial Instruments and Exchanges. The changes in them concern both...

Teshuater scam

SEC accuses a couple of fraud with tokens provided by water


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused a Texas couple of tricking hundreds of people through several fraudulent investment offers. According to SEC, former pastor Larry Donnel Leonard and his wife Shuwana Leonard raised nearly half a million dollars from 500 investors through...

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