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One more Central Bank is engaged in digital euro launch


In Europe, another Central Bank has joined the ranks of regulators with a keen interest in the cryptocurrency industry. The report of the Bank of the Netherlands says that the regulator allows its participation in the development and testing of the digital euro. Earlier, the Bank of France made a...

Brad Garlinghouse

XRP distribution ads cause Ripple's claim against YouTube


Ripple Labs and its leader, Brad Garlinghouse, have filed a lawsuit against YouTube for making video hosting an “accomplice” of repeated fraudulent XRP distributions. Ripple Labs filed a lawsuit against video hosting in the Northern District of California on April 21. Ripple Labs points to...

Ben Elliot Token BET

Artist tokenizes his career and works on Stellar blockchain


Ben Elliot, a self-taught artist from Paris, announced the release of tokens, the value of which depends on the development of his career and the market value of the works. The Stellar blockchain-based digital currency is called Ben Elliot Token (BET). Elliot said it was the world's first personal...

Alex Masmej programmer token

Programmer tokenized himself and attracted $20K investment


French programmer Alex Masmej tokenized his own life, receiving more than $20 thousand from investors as part of a “personalized token sale”. In total, 30 investors took part in the token sale, Masmej said on his blog. Using the raised funds, the programmer plans to move to Silicon Valley and...


US citizens use their $1200 checks to buy cryptocurrencies


Recently, the United States issued 80 million checks for Americans worth $1,200. Checks were issued to help citizens affected by the coronavirus so that they could buy needs, food, and pay utility bills. However, it seems that some Americans just decided to exchange their dollars for...


Hacker returns all stolen assets to dForce DeFi project


The hacker refunded all the stolen stocks - about $ 25 million - to the Chinese DeFi project dForce. Yesterday, the hacker returned dForce $ 2.79 million, and today the rest was given back. Sergey Kunz, CEO of said that the attacker had returned all the funds because his IP address...

Future.Travel Bitcoin payment

Ticketing agency will accept BTC through Lightning Network


Future.Travel, a Vietnam-based ticketing agency, has expanded its list of payment options with the second-level Bitcoin protocol Lightning Network. This will reduce the cost of booking hotels and airline tickets, the press release said. Technical support for the integration of the Lightning Network...

Chinese fraudsters in Malaysia

14 Bitcoin fraudsters from China were arrested in Malaysia


Malaysian law enforcers have arrested Chinese attackers accused of cryptocurrency fraud. It is reported by the South China Morning Post. According to police, the detainees pretended to be successful investors, and their victims were found mainly in China. To reinforce this legend, they created...

People's Bank China

China's CB says the release of CBDC won't raise inflation


The upcoming issue of regulated digital currency (CBDC) in China is widely perceived by society. Many people fear that after the launch of the digital version of the renminbi, inflation will surge. That may lead to further economic difficulties. The representative of the People's Bank of China at...

Bitstamp and Gatehub court

Crypto investor sues $4.9 million against Bitstamp & Gatehub


Salim Satir, an investor from Canada, considered himself to be affected by the deliberately false information that Bitstamp and Gatehub exchanges placed, which resulted in losses of $4.9 million. He intends to recover this amount from exchanges through the High Court of England and Wales, Law360...

Arrano Capital

The first regulated Bitcoin fund will launch in Hong Kong


Arrano Capital, a division of Venture Smart Asia, an asset management company, has announced the launch of Hong Kong's first regulated Bitcoin fund. According to a press release published on April 20, the fund is going to provide institutional investors with access to bitcoin through the fund’s...

BitGo fired employees

BitGo fired 12% of employees after two acquisitions


BitGo, a provider of custodial cryptocurrency solutions for institutional investors, has reduced 12% of its staff amid the expansion of the business, The Block reports. Layoffs affected various departments of the company, including marketing and sales. A BitGo spokesman called the abbreviation...


Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $200 billion


Bitcoin and other major digital currencies moved to growth at the end of this week. Over the past 24 hours, coins have added 6-12% in value. At the time of publication of this review, BTC grew to $7090, the capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency is now just over $129.9 billion. The largest...

Mark Cuban Bitcoin bananas

Mark Cuban compared Bitcoin with bananas: in favor of latter


Bitcoin critic billionaire Mark Cuban admitted that the actions of central banks in the current crisis give cryptocurrencies a good chance. But in an interview with Anthony Pompliano, he again resorted to comparing it with bananas and pointed out the difficulty of use. Morgan Creek Digital's...

MicroBT new mining equipment

MicroBT introduced three new Bitcoin miners ahead of halving


Miner maker MicroBT has updated its WhatsMiner line of Bitcoin mining equipment. The new models M30S+, M30S++ and M31S+ are designed to increase its efficiency before the upcoming halving. It is reported by CoinDesk. M30S+, M30S++, and M31S+, which are available both on pre-order and from stock,...

Purse startup closes

Another Bitcoin startup announces closure


Purse startup team announced a decision to close the company after 6 years of work in the crypto market. We've made the very difficult decision to dissolve the company. We're grateful for the opportunity afforded by our supporters to build products and services for the cryptocurrency...

John McAfee cryptocurrency GHOST

John McAfee will release privacy-oriented crypto coin GHOST


An odious entrepreneur John McAfee announced the release of a new private coin GHOST based on the Proof-of-Stake protocol. On May 15, the white paper of cryptocurrency will be presented on the project website. McAfee is positioning GHOST as a way to become a "ghost in online...

Bitcoin's price

Bitcoin Price Spikes Above $7K, Liquidating $23M on BitMEX


The rapid rise in the value of bitcoin by $500 on Thursday, led to mass liquidations on the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange. The price of bitcoin has shown rapid growth from $6650, peaking at $7145 around 03:00 AM CT. According to data from analytic company Skew, the sudden movement led to the...

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