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Ethereum fees decline amid DeFi collapse Of Yam Finance


Ethereum transaction fees recently hit a new high. However, the collapse of the Yam Finance crypto project, deployed in the DeFi ecosystem, caused the cost of operations to fall. According to the ETH Gas Station service, Ethereum commissions are now about 60% lower than they were in the middle of...

Mike Belshe

BitGo CEO to investors: "Invest up to 3% of capital in BTC"


According to BitGo CEO Mike Belshe, each investor needs to invest up to 3% of their capital in bitcoin. This expert expressed his position on Twitter and stressed that in addition to BTC, you could buy gold. My dry cleaner called today to tell me they are out of business and I had to pickup. This...


Ethereum hashrate hits 20-month high


The DeFi market for decentralized financial services continues to expand quickly. Recently, the capitalization of tokens of the ecosystem deployed on Ether exceeded $4 billion. The growth of the decentralized finance market is driving the demand for transaction processing on the Ethereum network....


Coinbase will offer Bitcoin-backed loans


Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase plans to enter the crypto lending market. Coinbase customers in some US states will be able to obtain fiat using BTC as collateral. At launch, Coinbase plans to support 17 states. A Coinbase spokesperson told the lending service is going to launch in the fall....


How Lukashenko's re-election will affect crypto?


Immediately after the re-election of the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, a wave of rallies swept across the country. Residents of the country protested against the election results and accused the authorities of falsifying the ballots. However, many crypto experts believe that...


Bitcoin hashrate recovers after a sharp drop last week


Computing activity on the bitcoin network has begun to recover after falling last week. On Tuesday, August 11th, BTC hashrate exceeded 124.6 exahsh per second (EH/s), the highest since the end of July. The hash rate dropped to 119.8 EH/s last week. Despite small fluctuations, in general, throughout...


Coinbase Increases ETC Deposit Confirmation Time To 2 Weeks


The Ethereum Classic (ETC) network had two 51% attacks in a week. In this regard, the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has increased the confirmation time for ETC deposits to two weeks. Currently, 80,640 confirmations are required to deposit ETC on Coinbase. Most of the coins supported by Coinbase...


Bittrex and Poloniex on trial for market manipulation


Representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex on Friday, August 7, filed a motion with the federal district court for the Southern District of New York. Lawyers are asking the court to move on to a class-action summary judgment alleging that exchanges, along with Tether and...


CoinDCX allies with Binance to start crypto staking platform


CoinDCX became the first major Indian cryptocurrency exchange will add support for cryptocurrency staking. CoinDCX currently supports the staking of three coins: Harmony (ONE), QTum (QTUM), and Tron (TRX). Sumit Gupta, co-founder and CEO of CoinDCX, said that ONE, QTUM, and TRX had annualized...

Dan Morehead

Pantera Capital Founder: BTC has chances of rising to $100K


Pantera Capital founder Dan Morehead is part of the so-called bitcoin bull camp. He periodically makes predictions that the largest digital currency will be able to achieve great results this year. In 2021, the likelihood of a new leap is high. BTC can reach $ 100,000 or even exceed this...


Chinese banks start testing service for storing digital yuan


Several Chinese state-owned banks have begun testing a digital yuan storage and transmission service (CBDC). According to Reuters, the crypto wallet is being tested in major cities of the Middle Kingdom, including Shenzhen. Earlier it became known that the People's Bank of China has completed the...


Monero to release a guide to listing anonymous cryptos


The Monero cryptocurrency community (XMR) and privacy protocol developers at Tari Labs are preparing a guide for exchanges on working with privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. The publication of the document, entitled "Fundamental Factors and Regulation of Cryptocurrencies with Support for...


Spanish crypto startup 2gether lost €1.2 million


Spanish crypto startup and payment card issuer 2gether will not be able to pay off € 1.2 million in debt to users that were hijacked by hackers on Friday, July 31st. On Sunday, August 2, the startup team announced that they could not find the indicated amount (26.79% of 2gether's total funds)....


Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 minor update released


On August 1st, Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 version was released, which contains a small number of modifications and improvements. The most significant changes concern peers that are sending invalid blocks. With Bitcoin Core 0.20.1, these users are not blocked, but marked as “not recommended nodes.”...

DeFi sector funds

The volume of assets in DeFi-protocols exceeded $4 billion


The total amount of funds frozen in the services of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector exceeded $4 billion. The most popular asset remains Maker, whose dominance index is over 30%. According to the latest data, Maker accounts for $1.23 billion of all funds held in smart contracts, protocols,...

Twitter hack Graham Clark

17-year-old teen arrested on suspicion of Twitter hack


US police have detained 17-year-old Tampa resident Graham Clark, accusing him of involvement in the recent attack on the social network Twitter and the fraudulent distribution of bitcoin. This was announced by the local television channel WFLA. Graham Clark is suspected of involvement in the attack...


ETH showed the best results in a day from the top 10 cryptos


Over the past 24 hours, the largest altcoin ether (ETH) has performed the best among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, has risen in price by more than 6%. On Friday, July 31, the ETH rate came very close to $340, the capitalization of the digital currency now exceeds $37.8 billion. The last time...


Bloomberg confirms: "BTC will reach $20K by the end of 2020"


Back in early June, Bloomberg predicted that Bitcoin's upward movement will continue until the end of 2020. One of the analysts, Mike McGlone, stated that the cryptocurrency is going to be able to test the values ​​at the $ 20,000 level. Bloomberg released its monthly cryptocurrency review...

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