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QuadrigaCX fraud

Regulator: QuadrigaCX went bankrupt due to founder's fraud


The bankruptcy and subsequent closure of the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange were caused by fraudulent actions by its founder Gerald Cotten. This is evidenced by the results of the investigation of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). The regulator studied data on 368,000 accounts and the...


YouTube scammers cheated users and gained about $150,000


Several scammers hacked into legitimate YouTube accounts and modified the content to mimic the “SpaceX channel from Elon Mask.” The Channel broadcast archived footage with Mask to ask viewers to send bitcoins to the specified addresses. Also, there were at least 80,000 views of the fraudulent...

Ethereum accounts

The number of Ethereum addresses exceeded 100 million


According to Etherscan, the number of addresses of the second cryptocurrency reached 100 million. The figure, ten times the number of Internet users in 1995, indicates the promising prospects of the DeFi sector, said Defiant project founder Camila Russo. Ethereum has 100M addresses 5 yrs after its...

Belarus bank token

Bank of Belarus offers banks an experiment to issue tokens


The financial regulator of Belarus plans to attract banks to create and implement transactions with tokens. It is reported by Sputnik Belarus. According to the draft decree, financial institutions will be able to issue utility tokens and conduct their initial proposals to attract financing in...

Russia bitcoin law

Russia: Ministry of ED criticized the bill banning bitcoin


The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia sent a letter to the State Duma criticizing a new package of bills regulating digital currencies and assets. According to Kommersant, the ministry believes that a complete ban on the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrencies, as well as the...

Bitcoin report

Report: Bitcoin's on-chain activity increased in May by 21%


The average daily value transferred through the Bitcoin blockchain increased in May from $1.75 billion to $2.25 billion. Ethereum's corresponding figure rose from $1.49 billion to $1.66 billion. This is reported by The Block. The graph below shows that the daily moving value almost reached the...


Tether's market cap approaches $10 billion


The capitalization of the most comprehensive stablecoin Tether (USDT) is gradually approaching $ 10 billion. Now, this figure is just over $ 9.2 billion. Paolo Arduino, CTO of the development company, recently said that his team has minted $ 5 billion worth of coins over the past six months. At the...

Winklevoss brothers film

Greg Silverman will shoot a film about Winklevoss brothers


Ex-president of Warner Bros. Entertainment Greg Silverman will make a film about the Winklevoss brothers based on Ben Mezrich’s Bitcoin Billionaires. It is reported by Deadline. The film tells about the twins' path to the top of the cryptocurrency industry from its early stages. In an interview...

Crypto ransomware

Report: crypto ransom amounts increased by 300% since 2018


Over the past two years, crypto-ransomware hackers have increased the average ransom amount by 200%. This is stated in the report of the company Crypsis Group. In 2019, the average buyback amounted to $115,123. The median amount increased by 300% from the first quarter of 2018 and reached $21,700....


CoinMarketCap defined BitMEX crypto exchange at 175th line


The popular CoinMarketCap service again found itself at the center of the scandal, setting BitMEX to the 175th place in the rating of crypto exchanges. Note that at the end of May, the same trading floor in this rating was on the third line. Users of social networks periodically criticize the...

Charles Hoskinson

Cardano founder urges crypto community to create a “union”


According to Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, the crypto community should create a kind of "union" to uphold the interests of the industry. This point of view was expressed recently by the leader of the altcoin development team on YouTube. He stressed that recently, attacks on the...


Chinese police freeze OTC trader bank accounts


Over-the-counter crypto trader Sun Xiaoxiao on Friday, June 5, announced on his Weibo page that his bank accounts had been frozen. According to Sun, this is due to an investigation by the police about cryptocurrency transactions related to illegal activities. He claims that these measures could...

Brave referral links

Brave browser has built-in referral links to crypto websites


The cryptocurrency-friendly browser Brave was at the center of a high-profile scandal after there were found embedded referral links leading to the sites of several bitcoin exchanges and wallets in it. The corresponding function in the source code of the browser was discovered by the host of the...

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining time drops to 7 minutes amid rising hash rate


The activity of miners in the BTC network increased sharply after another recalculation of complexity. This is evidenced by three key indicators indicated by venture investor Alex Thorne. Over the past week, the bitcoin hash has increased by about 30%, reaching 126.5 EH/s. Thus, this indicator was...

miners sell Bitcoin

Miners are selling previously earned bitcoins to cover costs


Faced with a decline in income after the May halving, miners again began to sell more bitcoins than they currently earn. This is stated in a new report by Arcane Research. A metric proposed by analysts called Miner’s Rolling Inventory [MRI] tracks the difference between the number of coins that...


OKEx launches option contracts for ether and EOS


OKEx has launched option contracts for ether (ETH) since June 4, and also announced the upcoming launch of options for EOS crypto on June 18. The company also announced that it has already placed 1,000 ETH in the insurance fund for new Ethereum options. An OKEx announcement says options allow you...


A surge in bitcoin transactions was recorded in India


Recently, the Supreme Court of India lifted the Reserve Bank’s ban on crypto services by local financial organizations. Internet users took the court decision as a relaxation of pressure on the industry and sharply increased investment in bitcoin. An inflow of capital was recorded by the Paxful...

Nassim Taleb Coinbase exchange

Nassim Taleb closed his Coinbase account


The philosopher and author of the cult work “Black Swan” Nassim Taleb closed his account on the American bitcoin exchange Coinbase. He complained that his support request was ignored. I closed the @coinbase account (opened a few months ago). Like Must, they answered me (blue check) when I...

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