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On digital financial assets law

Russian president signed law "On digital financial assets"


President of Russia, Vladimir Putin signed the law "On digital financial assets (DFA)", which regulates the circulation of crypto coins in the country. It will enter into force on January 1, 2021. The law defines a digital asset (tokens and stablecoins) as a right to a monetary claim or...

MoneyGram Ripple

MoneyGram received $15 million from Ripple


The money transfer service MoneyGram received $15.1 million in XRP from the fintech startup Ripple, according to the company's second-quarter report. Adjusted for mutual transactions, the amount of incentives received from the strategic partner is estimated at $6.3 million. In the first quarter,...

Genesis Global Trading

Circle partners with Genesis Global Trading


Circle has partnered with Genesis Global Trading, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), to develop a USDC stablecoin lending product. As part of the agreement, DCG is going to invest $ 25 million in Circle. The CENTER consortium, which includes Circle and the Coinbase exchange, is...


Shelley fork activation didn't cause Cardano to update highs


On July 29, as planned, the Shelley update was integrated into the Cardano network. Thus, the decentralization of the project has been completed, as previously stated by the leader of the altcoin development team, Charles Hoskinson. In the last few months before the fork was activated, staking was...

Bitcoin commission

The average commission on Bitcoin network increased by 752%


The average commission on the Bitcoin network has increased by 752%, according to blockchain reviewer On July 28, sending a bitcoin transaction cost $5.8. A month ago, this indicator was at $0.68. The maximum commission in the network of the first cryptocurrency was in December...

Chainlink Zeus Capital

Crypto bloggers offered 5 BTC to negatively review Chainlink


Famous individuals in the crypto world received messages on behalf of the British investment bank Zeus Capital with a proposal to post negative information about the Chainlink project for a fee. Twitter users with a large audience received promotional offers. Among them are analyst Josh Rager,...


Fidelity spoke about the giant potential of Bitcoin


Fidelity analysts have published a report in which they pointed to the growing importance of bitcoin as a tool for preserving capital. They even used the term "insurance policy" to denote the role of bitcoin. The largest cryptocurrency acts as a protector of savings in the face of the...


Iranian authorities allowed power plants to mine


Iranian power plants will be able to mine cryptocurrency, but in this case, they will be left without government subsidies. That was reported by the IRNA news agency earlier this week. It refers to a statement by Mostafa Rajabi Meshadi, deputy head of the Tavanir electricity distribution company....

Philippines CBDC

The Bank of the Philippines wants to issue its CBDC


The Philippine Central Bank has set up a working group to study the need and possible implications of issuing own digital currency (CBDC). Bloomberg reports about it with reference to the statement of Benjamin Diokno the head of the CB. A further decision on the release of CBDC will be made after...

China mining Ethereum

A shortage of graphics cards: Chinese can't mine Ethereum


Against the background of the rise in the price of Ethereum to $330, Chinese miners became interested in mining the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. However, their plans were in jeopardy due to a shortage of video cards and an increase in their cost, writes 8btc. As a local...

Mike Novogratz

Novogratz predicts further growth in price of gold and BTC


According to billionaire and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz, gold and bitcoin will update their highs soon. The financier expressed this point of view on the air of the CNBC television channel and noted that both assets are the best form of capital preservation in the face of rising inflation....

Synthetix DAO

DeFi project Synthetix switched to decentralized management


Synthetix, the largest decentralized derivatives platform, has moved to a decentralized governance model. This is reported in the project's blog. Now the organization behind the project, the Synthetix Foundation, is to be liquidated. Instead, governance will shift to three Decentralized Autonomous...

Abra earn crypto

Abra users will be able to earn up to 9% per annum on crypto


Abra platform added the ability to earn up to 9% per annum on deposits in cryptocurrency and stablecoins. According to the information on the company's website, the stablecoins TrueUSD (TUSD), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC) bring the greatest returns - 9% per annum. The annual return on...


Cryptocurrency fund that was shorting ether is closing


Tetras Capital, a crypto hedge fund that went short on ETH, has announced it will close. Tetras has lost 75% of its capital since launching in 2017 and is now returning the remaining funds to investors. The New York fund started trading altcoins and later became known for its critical statements...


Ethereum activity nears three-year high


The number of addresses on the Ethereum network making daily transactions continues to grow. The trend towards increased user activity was previously recorded by many researchers. Recently, the Xangle Research team published a report in which they noted that in the second quarter of 2020, the...


Investors do not haste to sell Bitcoins for $10K


On July 26, analysts at Glassnode released data suggesting that the current rise in the price of bitcoin above $ 10,000 will be distinct from the last two. The price of bitcoin touched $10,000 several times in 2020, along with the growth of the Glassnode metric called Bitcoin Days Destroyed (the...

yEarn Finance price YFI

The yEarn Finance project token has grown to $4500 in a week


Amid growing hype around the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry, yEarn Finance, a lucrative farming project, has attracted increased attention in recent days. In just a week since the launch, the YFI token soared from $34 to $4500, after which it rapidly went down, having lost almost a third of...


Mikri Zhang claims Jihan Wu's illegal transfer of 10K miners


In the conflict for power at Bitmain, the physical theft of mining equipment has now appeared. In a new post on Bitmain's WeChat channel, former Bitmain employees illegally took out 10,000 Antminer bitcoin miners from one of the company's divisions. Reportedly, the S17, T17, S9 series models were...

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