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Trial in the case of Vinnik will take place on 14 September


The trial of Alexander Vinnik, co-founder of the now-closed cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, who was extradited from Greece to France, will take place on September 14. According to the lawyer, the order to send the case to court was signed by the investigating judge three days ago. Belo stressed that...

Celsius Network investment

Celsius Network crypto lending platform raised $18.8 million


Crypto lending platform Celsius Network announced that on Monday, July 27, it will close the round of financing through the issue of shares with raised investments of more than $18.8 million. Qualified investors, including those from the United States, could take part in the round. The minimum...

Coinbase clients 35 million

The number of Coinbase clients reached 35 Million


The total number of retail and institutional clients of Coinbase exceeded 35 million. The largest US crypto company cited such data in its first half-year institutional review. At the beginning of 2020, the number was 30 million customers. Coinbase noted that the current year has become important...


Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for fraudulent videos


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined in a legal battle against YouTube, in which the video hosting site is accused of fake videos that use celebrity names to send cryptocurrencies to scammers. Lawyers for Wozniak and 17 other people who have sustained from such actions of scammers have sued...


Shapeshift launches trading app for Android and iOS


Shapeshift, a Swiss self-service cryptocurrency storage platform, has launched an app for iOS and Android users that lets them buy and sell bitcoin, ether, and other crypto coins without trusting private keys to third parties. The application requires users only email and password to enter the...

Maker Token listing on Binance

Maker grows nearly 20% amid listing on Binance


Crypto exchange Binance has announced support for the Dai stablecoin (DAI) and Maker Token of the MakerDAO platform. Against the background of this news, the MKR quotes went up sharply, at the moment they came close to the $600 mark. Trading in pairs MKR/BNB, MKR/BTC, MKR/BUSD, MKR/USDT, DAI/BNB,...

Monero hidden mining

Botnet infected 5000 computers for hidden mining of Monero


Specialists from Cisco Talos have found the Prometei botnet, which used computer systems to extract Monero (XMR). It was reported in the company's blog. Prometei is capable of disabling security controls, copying files, and disguising itself as other programs to set up illegal mining operations....

Latvia darknet crypto

Latvians detained for buying data on the darknet with crypto


Latvian law enforcement officers have detained three suspects in the purchase of personal data on the darknet and the subsequent hacking of victims' accounts on various online platforms. During the arrest, the police seized 110 thousand euros in cryptocurrencies, according to the website of the...

AntChain Alibaba blokchain

Alibaba will promote blockchain solutions with AntChain


The Ant Group, the fintech subdivision of Chinese tech conglomerate Alibaba, which includes payment processor Alipay, has launched a new AntChain brand. It will be used in the company's blockchain solutions. In a conversation with The Block, a company representative said that the developed...

OMG Network

Japan's financial regulator approves OMG Network token


The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), which regulates the digital asset industry in the country, has approved the native OMG Network token. The Japanese trading platform GMO Coin announced this on July 22 with the announcement of the listing of the OMG Network (OMG) token. OMG is the 27th...


Ether skyrocketed to a six-month high


The most popular altcoin Ether (ETH) demonstrated the best performance of the top ten cryptocurrencies over the past day. The coin has risen in price by more than 7% and reached its highest level since the end of February 2020. At the time of the publication of this review, ETH was trading slightly...

Bitcoin research

Report: Bitcoin daily transaction volume reaches $2 billion


Formal Verification analysts in collaboration with Glassnode released a report on the on-chain state of the largest cryptocurrency in the second quarter. Researchers note the growing role of bitcoin as a means of payment. In recent years, both the number of transactions and their average cost have...

Russia crypto law

The State Duma adopted the law "On digital financial assets"


The deputies of the Russian Duma approved in the third reading the law “On digital financial assets”. It will enter into force in 2021. The adopted law will have a big "influence" on the Russian crypto industry. One of the main points of the adopted law for the cryptocurrency...


YouTube says it is not liable for crypto fraud on channels


The video hosting YouTube claims that it is not immune to cryptocurrency fraud, which is built in the form of video content or descriptions. In April, Ripple's lawyers and CEO Brad Garlinghouse filed a lawsuit against YouTube for failing to stop XRP scammers. Garlinghouse and his team argue that...


The number of LINK searches has reached the maximum


The number of searches on the Internet on the topic of altcoin Chainlink (LINK) has grown to an all-time high. The popularity of the token is now at the highest level in the entire history of observation. This trend is directly related to the achievements of the coin, which made it to the list of...

Changpeng Zhao

Chanpeng Zhao pointed to stability of BTC in recent times


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says bitcoin will eventually break out of the $ 9000 - $ 9500 corridor, although it is holding steady. On July 19, speaking with Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia, Zhao commented on the cryptocurrency's record-low volatility in the past few weeks, when the coin has been relatively...

Chris Hadfield sapce Bitcoin

Legendary astronaut got his 1st bitcoins straight from space


The famous Canadian astronaut and fan of blockchain technology Chris Hadfield became the owner of the first bitcoins in his life, symbolically receiving them from a space satellite located 35,000 km from Earth. The event was broadcast during the Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 held last week. The $100...

Julius Baer crypto

Swiss bank has record profit amid BTC storage service launch


Julius Baer, one of the five largest banks in Switzerland, increased its adjusted net income by 34% in the first half-year. One of the drivers for improving the situation could be the offer of services for the trade and custodian storage of digital assets. In January-June, the bank's net profit...

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