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Banque de France

Banque de France will experiment with the digital euro


The Central Bank of France (Banque de France) has announced that it will begin experiments related to the digital euro. To this end, the bank has selected eight potential candidates to help integrate CBDC into interbank settlements. These are companies such as Accenture, HSBC, Societe Generale,...

Japan CBDC

Bank of Japan creates a working group to study CBDCs


The Japanese central bank has announced the creation of a new working group to study CBDC, Reuters reports. A closer study of this issue by the Japanese regulator was prompted by an increase in demand for cashless payments and growing attention to CBDC from other central banks. The group will...

Twitter hack exchanges

Exchanges saved customers' $300.000 during Twitter hack


Prompt moves by cryptocurrency exchanges have allowed users to save at least $300,000 in the recent Twitter hack, Forbes reports. Trading platforms began taking action to counter cybercriminals minutes after the fake tweets appeared, while the first restrictive steps by the social network's...

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff explains why he considers BTC a pyramid scheme


The head of the investment company Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff, continues to criticize bitcoin via Twitter. On his social media page over the weekend, he published a series of posts in which he tried to explain that BTC is a pyramid scheme. Schiff has repeatedly criticized Bitcoin in the...


Coinsquare accused of inflating trade data


The Canadian Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has accused the Coinsquare crypto exchange of market manipulation. The regulator said in a statement that the trading platform misleads customers by overstating the trading volume. Besides, the exchange is accused of legalizing criminal proceeds and...


Venezuela banned mining of crypto in government apartments


Venezuelans living in government apartments will not be able to mine. The head of the Ministry of Environment and Construction of Venezuela Ildemaro Villarroel told about the corresponding ban on the mining of cryptocurrency. He stressed that those citizens of the country who live in areas where...


Stellar entered the list of the best altcoins of the season


Stellar (XLM) made a breakthrough this week, adding to the list of the best performers of the so-called "altseason." Previously, Cardano and Chainlink have shown great results. XLM rose to $ 0.102 on Friday, July 17th, and jumped to its highest level since early July last year. Over the...


Chainlink coin trading volume on exchanges hits record high


Altcoin Chainlink (LINK) is currently trading at its highest level in its history. If you look at the chart presented by the CoinMarketCap service, you can see that over the past two years, the cryptocurrency has been moving mainly along an upward trajectory. LINK traded just above $ 8.3 on Friday,...

Algorand listing Coinbase

Algorand rose 30% after listing on Coinbase


The capitalization of Algorand (ALGO) rose to a new all-time high after the announcement of cryptocurrency's support by the largest US exchange Coinbase. On the night of Friday, July 17, the price of a coin increased at the moment by almost 30%. Around 19:35 PDT, the market value of ALGO rose to...

Twitter hack Bitcoin

Twitter hackers used BitPay and Coinbase to transfer funds


Attackers who managed to gain access to the accounts of many celebrities on Twitter transferred the received funds to a separate address. Previously, it was used to send funds to Coinbase and BitPay and CoinPayments services. #TwitterHack @coinbase @BitPay Please check the following Bitco_in...


Casa will provide solutions to the Human Rights Defense Fund


Bitcoin company Casa has announced a partnership with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to help activists and dissidents around the world protect their Bitcoin holdings. Casa will provide HRF with its end-to-end Bitcoin secure storage solutions. The foundation will use Casa's solutions to protect...


Mitsubishi UFJ will start testing its cryptocurrency


One of the most widespread Japanese financial corporations Mitsubishi UFJ, plans to launch its crypto before the end of this year. Mitsumishi Holding is part of the giant Mitsubishi. As noted by the chairman of the group, Hironori Kamezawa, initially, the developers wanted to introduce a coin in...

Japan CBDC

Japan will include CBDC in the country's economic plan


Japanese authorities will include the problem of working with the Central Bank's digital currency (CBDC) in the official economic plan. According to the Cointelegraph, citing local media, the CBDC will enter the Honebuto economic recovery plan, which is part of Japan’s national strategy. The...


Grayscale raised share of BTC and ETH in Digital Large-Cap


Grayscale investment company has increased the share of bitcoin and ether in its Digital Large-Cap (DLC) fund due to other comprehensive altcoins. On Twitter, the company announced changes to the DLC in the 2nd quarter of 2020. During this period, the share of bitcoin in the fund increased from 81%...


Ukraine is planning the legalization of cryptocurrencies


The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine continues to develop a mechanism for legalizing cryptos. In particular, options for amending the Tax Code are being considered. That will allow the token operations to be removed from the shadows and to charge appropriate fees from them. The...

ERC-20 capitalization Ethereum

ERC-20 token capitalization exceeded Ethereum's cap


The growing popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi) services has led to the fact that the total capitalization of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain exceeded the ETH cryptocurrency itself. The Defiant new editor-in-chief Camila Russo shared this observation. Taking the data from the Etherscan...

South Korea crypto tax

South Korea can introduce a 20% tax for crypto-traders


The capital gains tax on operations with cryptocurrencies in South Korea can be up to 20%. This was the opinion of representatives of the private sector during the discussion on legislative initiatives of the country's authorities, writes Cointelegraph with reference to local media. Proposed...

Mining energy consumption

Bitcoin miners began to consume more electricity


The energy consumption of BTC miners resumed growth after falling against the backdrop of a halving. This is evidenced by the Digiconomist service. Two weeks after halving, this indicator dropped by 24%, from 77.78 TW·h/year to 57.9 TW·h/year. At the moment, it is 61.44...

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