Cryptocurrency News


Chinese BTC owners will be able to pass coin by inheritance


A bill on the inheritance of Internet property, including cryptocurrency, has recently been submitted to the Chinese government. Proponents of the adoption of such a document emphasize that the conditions for amending civil law on inheritance are already ripe. That was reported by local media,...

Blue Mockingbird hack Monero

1000 corporate servers mined Monero for hackers


The hacker group Blue Mockingbird hacked at least a thousand corporate servers to install a hidden miner for the Monero cryptocurrency on them, ZDNet reports. According to cybersecurity experts from Red Canary, hackers exploited vulnerability CVE-2019-18935 in the platform of client interface...

PornVisory token PVY

PornVisory introduces reward token for viewing adult content


The creators of the adult platform PornVisory plan to introduce native PVY tokens, which will be charged to viewers for watching the content, reports Cointelegraph. The founder of the project, Veronica Noschese, believes that there is a natural synergy between cryptocurrencies and the “18+...


Grayscale predicts bitcoin gain after CBDC launch


The launch of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) will increase the demand for bitcoin in the global market, analysts at Grayscale say. They note that central bank tokens are regulated instruments. They can be applied within certain boundaries and according to the rules approved by the...

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs will hold a conference on investing in BTC


On May 27, Goldman Sachs will hold a telephone conference on the prospects for the US economy and the impact of the current crisis on assets such as gold and bitcoin. The event will be hosted by Goldman’s Investment Strategy Group IT Director Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, Harvard University Economics...

Alexis Ohanian bitcoin

Reddit founder announced the onset of crypto spring


The current state of the digital currency industry allows us to talk about the advent of "cryptocurrency." An important role in this is played by not even a significant increase in the price of bitcoin since the March market crash, but rather progress in the development of blockchain...

Justin Sun cheat TRON

Justin Sun is accused of cheating on the Twitter poll


Head of TRON Foundation Justin Sun launched a survey on his Twitter account, asking subscribers to choose between Tron 4.0 and Ethereum 2.0. Users accused him of cheating votes, noting a sharp change in the results in favor of Tron. The poll was published on May 23, for the first day 20 thousand...


Africa outperforms Latin America at LocalBitcoins


For a long time, Latin America led the ranking of regions in terms of the scale of bitcoin trade. Investments in BTC through LocalBitcoins and Paxful have been rising in Venezuela, Argentina, and various countries in the region over the past two years. Still, now the leader position in this rating...

Bitcoin Pizza Day

The crypto community has celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day


Exactly ten years ago, on May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz made the first-ever purchase for bitcoin by buying two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. On May 18, Laszlo posted a post on BitcoinTalk stating that he was ready to give 10,000 BTC for two large pizzas from Papa John’s. Of course, Papa John’s did not...

Ruble wallet developers announce ruble support


The development team of the crypto wallet purposes to add support for the Russian currency soon. Currently, users of the service can perform operations with the Turkish lira, US dollar, euro, and British pound. The team lately published a development program for the upcoming years....

Iran crypto mining

Iran: president instructs to change national mining strategy


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gave instructions to the government to develop a new national strategy for crypto mining. This writes the local edition of ArzDigital. With this message, Rouhani turned to the central bank and ministries. He called on agencies to work out issues of regulating the...


Chainalysis dispels talks of terrorists actively use crypto


The analytical company Chainalysis has published a report that dispels the myth around the use of cryptos to finance terrorism. At the same time, the company points out the harm caused by such misinformation to cryptocurrencies and the reputation of the companies working with them. Chainalysis...

China stablecoin

Chinese politician proposed to release stablecoin for Asia


Shen Nanpeng, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Managing Partner of Sequoia Capital, has invited the government to issue stablecoins backed by a basket of fiat currencies. This is reported by Cryptobriefing. He came up with this initiative during a council...


Coinbase custodian platform added Cosmos staking support


Coinbase Custody, the custodial platform of the American cryptocurrency company Coinbase for institutional investors, added support for Cosmos token staking (ATOM). This feature will allow Coinbase Custody customers to store ATOM tokens and generate passive income. Coinbase Custody did not disclose...

Shopify Bitcoin payments

E-commerce giant Shopify expands Bitcoin payment options


Digital currency operator Coinpayments and a major online retailer Shopify have entered into a partnership that will increase the ability to use crypto coins as a means of payment for e-commerce platform customers. Support for payment in digital currency will become affordable for more than a...

Glassnode Bitcoin research

95% of the addresses in Bitcoin network contain 0 balances


Bitcoin continues to be the most popular digital asset, outperforming its competitors in many respects, however, there are fewer addresses with positive balances in the first crypto network than in the Ethereum network. According to Glassnode, the number of active bitcoin addresses on a daily basis...

Cash App

Cash App helps users automatically invest in Bitcoins


Square payment network said that bitcoins and promotions are now on the menu of Cash App users who would like to “minimize the impact of market fluctuations.” Square's Cash App now allows users to make automated Bitcoin purchases at regular intervals. The Cash App already has a Bitcoin wallet,...

Joanne Rowling Ethereum

Rowling trolls Bitcoin community to “boost her ETH holdings”


The creator of the Harry Potter novel series, Joanne Rowling, who had previously tried to figure out what is bitcoin, said she was just trolling Bitcoin in the hope of boosting her significant Ethereum holdings.” But this tweet turned out to be a joke, too. So the writer responded to the...

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