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Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin

Ethereum outperformed bitcoin by gain of active addresses


The second-largest crypto in terms of capitalization surpassed bitcoin in terms of the growth in the number of active addresses. Since the beginning of the year, their number has increased by 145%, while at BTC this indicator increased by 13%. According to the analytic company Messari, the number...


G20 will implement a bill to regulate crypto transactions


The authorities of the countries included in the G20 began preparations for the development and implementation of legislation governing cryptocurrency transactions. According to Kyodo News, a significant milestone in the history of the crypto sphere will be the G20 summit in Saudi Arabia in...


Growing network activity triggered a 30% surge in LINK


Altcoin Chainlink (LINK) began the new week with updating highs. Over the past 24 hours, the coin soared in price by 30% and reached $ 7.8. Cryptocurrency capitalization now exceeds $ 2.757 billion. Strengthening the LINK course is not surprising among experts, as the number of active addresses in...

Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao demonstrates first use of Binance Card


On July 7, Binance acquired Swipe, which develops its crypto wallet and issues debit cryptocurrency cards in the Visa payment system. On July 10, Binance CEO Changpen Zhao demonstrated the first use of the Binance Card debit cryptocurrency card, the announcement of which took place in April 2020....

Johann Schneider-Ammann

Former Swiss President sees the country leader in blockchain


Former President of Switzerland and member of the Board of Directors of CV VC startup Johann Schneider-Ammann spoke about a unique approach to the laws that made Switzerland become the center of cryptocurrencies. CV VC - Crypto Valley Venture Capital is a startup that invests in cryptocurrency...


The outflow of BTC from exchanges has increased to a new max


Bitcoin holders continue to withdraw their coins from cryptocurrency exchanges, the latest Glassnode platform data testifies to this. The trend for the outflow of BTC from trading floors has been dominating since March, that is, after the infamous Black Thursday, when bitcoin collapsed to an annual...


BitFlyer and Brave will jointly develop a new crypto wallet


Japan's largest crypto exchange BitFlyer has announced a partnership with the confidential Brave browser to create a cryptocurrency wallet. BitFlyer and Brave have announced that they will develop a cryptocurrency asset wallet for users of the Brave browser. Japanese users of the Brave browser...


Litecoin trading volume drops to a two-year low


Litecoin (LTC) in 2020 was unable to recover from losses incurred after the August 2019 halving. The volume of transactions with this altcoin fell to the lowest level since 2018. The number of daily transactions is approximately $80 million. That is around 50% higher than EOS, but 45% lower than...


Argentina is one of the leading countries by BTC trades


The scale of operations with bitcoin in Argentina continues to grow. That country has already managed to gain a foothold in the ranking of leaders in terms of transaction volumes on the LocalBitcoins platform. Last week, the number of transactions with BTC in Argentina exceeded 101 million pesos,...

Tim Draper

Tim Draper once again confirmed his commitment to Bitcoin


During a conversation with businessman Rob Moore, financier Tim Draper again spoke about the benefits of bitcoin. He previously repeatedly expressed his commitment to the first cryptocurrency, but this time he admitted that he owns not only BTC but also some altcoins. Draper evaluates the...

Broke Pierce

Brock Pierce will run for 2020 US Presidential Election


Brock Pierce, an American entrepreneur, and actor is known for his childhood and teenage roles, decided to join the 2020 presidential election. The cryptocurrency venture capitalist announced this on July 5, tweeting: Now that I am running for President of the United States - I’d like to make one...

Jack Mallers

Zap and Visa will issue a card for bitcoin payments


Jack Mallers, a developer of the popular Lightning wallet Zap Wallet, proclaimed the start of Strike's open beta. With it, users will be able to make payments in bitcoin through direct bank transfers. “We have entered the Visa Fintech Fast Track program. It means accelerating integration with...


Gram token trading company may be fraudulently accused


Concerning the British company that was engaged in the trade of Gram tokens, Russian law enforcement agencies may initiate a fraud case. The case may be initiated based on a statement by a group of investors of the Telegram Open Network crypto project. They turned to the Investigative Committee for...

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff criticized the ideology of Bitcoin fans


Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff tweeted another post praising gold and criticizing bitcoin. The financier published similar messages on a social network earlier. This time, he criticized the so-called BTC hodlers. Hodlers are cryptocurrency holders who do not part with it even when its value...

Elon Musk

Elon Musk does not recommend buying Ether


The famous engineer Elon Musk once again expressed his attitude to the cryptocurrency industry. Founder of Tesla and SpaceX previously stated that his favorite coin is Dogecoin. Now on Twitter, he commented on the Ethereum project. The engineer wrote that he does not use Ethereum in any way, and he...


Cardano's price increased by nearly 10%


Against the background of the approaching integration of the Shelley update into the work of the network, Cardano (ADA) grew in price by almost 10%. On the night of Thursday, July 2, the coin rose to the highest level since June 30, 2019. At the time of publication of this review, the ADA rate...


Kirobo offered a solution to cancel false BTC transactions


Israeli blockchain startup Kirobo introduced a technology that prevents the loss of cryptos due to user errors when sending transactions. According to a recent Fio Foundation survey, 55% of respondents are worried about the possibility of making a mistake when sending cryptocurrencies, and 18% lost...


UK eases Wirecard limitations so clients can access funds


As we have already written, FCA suspended the Wirecard, which issues crypto cards. And because of this, thousands of users of’s Mco visa debit card and Tenx’s visa debit card didn't have access to their funds for some time. In its statement, FCA mentioned that they understand some...

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