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Zeus Capital accuses ChainLink of defrauding investors


Zeus Capital will donate $ 100,000 to anyone who provides it with evidence of the speculative nature of the ChainLink (LINK) crypto project. She is preparing a class-action lawsuit against the developers of the altcoin LINK. It is known that Zeus Capital has previously repeatedly criticized this...

SushiSwap 14.11.2020

SushiSwap (SUSHI) Surges 30% Higher


After a raise of popular Defi protocols, newer tokens have begun to go higher. In the past 24 hours, SushiSwap’s SUSHI token surged 30% becoming the fastest growing crypto-asset in the top 100 by market capitalization. The growth is connected with strong technical upgrades for the cryptocurrency...

Binance pool 13.11.2020

Binance Pool Offers Free Eth Mining for 1st Month


Crypto exchange Binance has launched a new Ethereum mining pool with only 0.5% pool fees. Users can mine ETH with 0 fees for the first month. The pool practices the full pay-per-share way for reward payouts, distributing both block bonuses and trading fees to pool participants. After the first...


BitPay launches mass crypto payout service for business


Cryptocurrency processing service BitPay has launched BitPay Send payment platform for corporate clients. The solution allows for massive payments in cryptocurrency, writes Business Wire. BitPay Send is suitable for settlements with contractors, payment of salaries, or bonuses for loyalty programs....


Chainalysis launches a program to sell confiscated cryptos


Analyst firm Chainalysis is launching a new service to help authorities store and sell cryptocurrencies after they have been seized. “Chainalysis has created a comprehensive solution for tracking, planning, storing, selling and monitoring cryptoassets seized by law enforcement agencies,” said...


Willie Wu predicts Bitcoin price peak in December 2021


According to analyst Willie Wu, bitcoin is at the beginning of its next major bull rally, with a price peak expected to hit late 2021. The creator of the analytical resource Woobull has published on Twitter new data that shows that the rise in bitcoin prices is just beginning. He posted a chart of...

VeChain Jumps 23% Weekly

VeChain Jumps 23% Weekly during Post-Epidemic Discussions


VeChain is making progress out of China. VeChain (VET) rate went higher having a week of increases along with analysis with Chinese authorities based on a post-epidemic wellness reaction. On Wednesday VET grew 2%. Then, the cryptocurrency raised about 23%. Only 2 other top-30 assets NEM and...

Bitcoin new high 12.11.2020

Bitcoin Scores $16.000, New 2020 High


The leading crypto asset Bitcoin has surged to a new yearly record reaching $16.000. The price is up over 4% during the last 24 hours. This is the first time since 2018 Jan. 8 that the BTC price was that elevated. One of the reasons is PayPal allowing spending it on Oct. 21, after which the price...


Zcash rises in price ahead of November halving


Zcash (ZEC) has been adding in value over the past few days in anticipation of the so-called halving (reduction of miners' rewards). This event will take place on November 18th. The ZEC rate for the week rose by almost 15% to $ 60.34. Altcoin capitalization is now just over $ 630.206 million. In...


KuCoin recovered 84% of assets after $275M hack


The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has recovered most of the assets stolen from the exchange hack on September 25. That was announced by Johnny Liu, co-founder and CEO of KuCoin, on Wednesday, November 11. Analyst firm Chainalysis estimated the loss of KuCoin at $ 275 million. According to Liu, 84%...

YFI price 11.11.2020 Price Reaches $20.000 during DeFi Boom

by is one of the projects that profited most in the last 24 hours after a huge rally. It is up about 27% to price at $18,790. YFI has a market cap of $549.9M with a 24-hour volume of $783.95M. Lately, the decline beat a market lower at $8,000, enabling bulls to move their focus higher....

Stanley Druckenmiller Holds Bitcoin

Stanley Druckenmiller Now Holds Bitcoin


Successful American Investor, hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller announced on November 9 about having bought the world's largest cryptocurrency. The billionaire says that BTC is a supply of value that becomes stronger and stronger during the time. He compared gold to bitcoin, saying the...


Bitcoin hashrate jumped by 30% in a day


Over the past 24 hours, hashrate of BTC has grown by about 30%, and in two days this figure has jumped more than 40%. On Tuesday, November 10, the computing activity on the network reached 119.8 exaches per second (EH / s). Recall that in early November, the BTC hash rate began to fall rapidly...


ChainLink made it to the top five altcoins


ChainLink (LINK) digital currency managed to break into the top five largest altcoins. According to the CoinMarketCap website, the capitalization of this cryptocurrency is now just over $ 4.856 billion. LINK rate on Monday, November 9, rose to $ 12.4. ChainLink's closest pursuer is Binance Coin...


Get Ideal Approach to Crypto Research with Crypto TribesMen


Aiming to make the crypto industry easier to understand and to work with, Tony Joe Akin Jr. started Crypto TribesMen – a qualitative blog that covers every information you need relayed to the blockchain technology. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, making decisions regarding...


Rapper Logic joins the list of bitcoin holders


Many sports and music stars are not only interested in cryptocurrencies but also actively buy bitcoins. Among the BTC supporters, for example, stands out former UFC fighter Ben Askren. This athlete in the spring, through his social media accounts, advertised the May halving (reduction of the...


Santiment notices growth in active Ethereum addresses


Since the beginning of November, the Ethereum network has seen an increase in the number of unique addresses making daily transactions. The trend was highlighted by researchers from the Santiment team. They tweeted that we are nearing peaks in the number of active Ethereum addresses in the last few...

Sygnum Initiates Staking and Rewards for Tezos

Sygnum Initiates Staking and Rewards for Tezos


The world's first regulated digital asset bank Sygnum informed about launching control, exchanging, lending, and staking options for Tezos blockchain’s XTZ cryptocurrency. The new staking utility suggests up to 5% yearly compensation for XTZ. Sygnum told it's the first time XTZ can be stored and...

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