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Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey once again praised Bitcoin


Twitter founder Jack Dorsey continues to point to the enormous potential of the largest digital currency. He has repeatedly praised Bitcoin and stressed that it is the only currency on the Internet. Dorsey recently reaffirmed his commitment not only to Bitcoin but also to blockchain technology. He...

Sorare welcomes PSG

Sorare Welcomes PSG. Blockchain Game Hits US


Sorare, a global fantasy football game keeps growing. It has signed 2020 Champions League finalist Paris Saint-Germain F.C. as the 100th licensed club in the game. Using the Ethereum blockchain, Sorare creates unique digital trading cards representing professional soccer players that can be...


Bitfinex launches perpetual swaps on European indices


Crypto exchange Bitfinex announced the launch of derivatives for stock indices, which are calculated in the stablecoin Tether. New derivatives - perpetual swaps on Europe 50 and Germany 30 - offer access to traditional equity markets. Europe 50 is the STOXX Europe 50 index, which covers 50 stocks...

UniSwap TVL is $2 B

UniSwap is the first in DeFi to reach $2 B in TVL


The widely-used non-custodial exchange Uniswap set a record surpassing $2 billion in total value locked (TVL). The leading tokens by circulation in Uniswap are Ether, Tether (USDT), and Wrapped bitcoin. UniSwap got ahead of other DeFi protocols for 18%. Alongside with yield farming growing, the...

Ethereum Bitcoin

Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in user activity


Transactional activity on Ethereum has confidently started to increase this summer. The expansion of the DeFi decentralized finance market has become a central driver of the network's growth. Despite the fears of some skeptics, this ecosystem continues to evolve, attracting more and more users....

Huobi Global Welcomes HUSD

Huobi Global Welcomes HUSD Stablecoin


Singapore-based exchange firm Huobi Global told that now HUSD Stablecoin trading is on their platform. The news became known on September 25. Additionally, Huobi Global informed that the HUSD stablecoin would trade against VeChain (VET) and (Bytom) BTM in the spot market. HUSD is a stablecoin...


Weiss urges investors to stop using Tether


Analysts from the Weiss rating agency urged investors not to use the stablecoin Tether (USDT). They posted a tweet on Twitter and noted that the acquisition of this tool carries enormous risks. #Bitfinex's vaults are not publicly auditable and there have been many allegations that #USDT is not...


BitGo will issue Wrapped Ether and Wrapped Bitcoin on Tron


The Tron Foundation has partnered with custodian company BitGo to issue two new tokens - Wrapped Ether and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). WBTC is going to be represented as a TRC20 token pegged to BTC 1:1. WBTC was the first token to make BTC cooperative with the Ethereum blockchain. There are currently...

Israeli new bill

Israeli New Bill Considers Bitcoin as a Currency


Four members of the legislature of Israel find it better if digital assets would be taxed as a fiat. Presently, Bitcoin is taxed 25% while converted into fiat, or 15% for short-time funders. According to officials, if the bill accepted, Israel’s 25% capital gains rate on bitcoin will no longer...


Optimism launches testnet of its Ethereum scaling solution


The Optimism startup, which is developing a second-tier scaling solution for the Ethereum network called optimistic rollup, has launched a limited testnet. According to the developers, the process of launching the solution will be phased - an optimistic rollup will be integrated with a small group...


Investor's interest in Bitcoin is growing


According to Steve Ehrlich, co-founder of Voyager Digital, investors continue to dive into bitcoin amid global economic uncertainty. The cryptocurrency confirms the status of a haven asset. Ehrlich said: "Bitcoin is extremely resilient, and as it spreads further, it proceeds to position itself...


Security is everything in the cryptocurrency market


There is no secret that the cryptocurrency market is quite the wild west. In 2017, 78% of the ICOs conducted have been identified as scams. In May 2018 the Bitcoin Gold blockchain suffered a 51% attack and lost more than $18 million. The attackers targeted several exchanges to extract the...

BUSD in Dapper Labs

Binance's BUSD is Joining Flow Blockchain


This week Dapper Labs acquired another important stablecoin. BUSD coin pegged to the U.S. dollar and is pretty popular. It is one of coins to have received regulatory authorization from the New York State Department of Financial Services. As for Dapper Labs, it represents blockchain-based games...


Uniswap token transaction cost jumps to $50


On Ethereum, transaction fees continue to rise due to network congestion. This trend the day before led to a record daily income of miners. After the start of the distribution of Uniswap tokens, the income of Ethereum miners reached $ 938,000 in just one hour. Analysts of the Glassnode platform...

Robert Kiyosaki

BTC will fall if a vaccine against COVID-19 is found


According to the financier and author of the famous book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki, precious metals and bitcoin will collapse in value if a vaccine against COVID-19 appears in the world. The emergence of such a drug will create conditions under which investor interest in...

UNI token

Uniswap is introducing UNI token


Uniswap unveiled its UNI token on September 16. The platform is going to issue 1 billion tokens over four years. 60% of this amount will be designated to community members, 21.51% - team members and future workers, 17.80% of it is going to be assigned to investors with a four-year transition...


Wyoming Division of Banking Licensed Kraken Crypto Exchange


Kraken becomes the first Crypto US bank. It will be able to support clients from 49 states with digital asset custody services and help them make payments. Founded in 2011, Kraken is now one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in US. It has been approved as the first special-purpose depository...


Buterin's Tweet spurred the growth of another DeFi Token


Pickle Finance (PICKLE) is another food-themed token that surged from a low of $ 4.41 (September 12) to a high of $ 85.24 (September 14). Pickle Finance is being used for "profitable farming" and aims to "eliminate volatility in the four largest stablecoins in the DeFi market."...

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