50% More Financial Advisors Now Invest in Crypto

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Statistics show that about 10% of investment specialists have made client portfolio funds into cryptocurrencies.

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Bitwise Asset Management, together with ETF Trends, carried out a survey in December. Nearly 1,000 financial consultants answered prepared questions. The results show that 9.4% of client portfolios hold cryptocurrencies. Last year the indicator was 6.3%. 15% of the investment advisors not having crypto said that may invest in digital assets in 2021, and 2% told they would surely do so.

On the other hand, financial planners are more tend to the crypto industry. 24% of the survey participants said they had already invested in crypto.

As the main reason for crypto investments, 54% of answerers mentioned “uncorrelated returns.” Next comes inflation hedging. The survey also showed that more people are interested in crypto as advisors receive more questions about the industry. This year 81% of them gave a positive answer compared to 76% in 2019.

Generally, advisors expect the BTC price to grow. 15% believe it will hit $100,000 within five years. 4% think the price will fall to zero. The number was 8% the previous year.

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So, we can conclude that although the crypto industry still has a long way to go, it is making significant progress.