A hardfork took place in Steem blockchain

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Steem's blogging platform has restarted on the new Hive.io blockchain after Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation CEO’s attempt to seize power.

Hive tokens have been listed on Bittrex and Probit. Earlier, hard fork supported Binance.

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All data has been transferred to the new Hive blockchain, including decentralized applications. An exception was the tokens of the initial development fund, controlled by Steemit, with which the Tron Foundation entered into a strategic partnership.

Also, users who supported the centralization of Steem did not become owners of new Hive tokens. Designated as Tron puppets, they are on the list of exceptions.

Justin Sun did not ignore the past hardfork. The CEO of the Tron Foundation called those who voted against him malicious hackers who violated privacy.

The development team launched a resource where users will be able to report bugs and monitor the progress of the newly recreated decentralized blog platform.