AirTM will distribute Maduro's seized funds among doctors

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Nicholas Maduro

AirTM has been selected to distribute $18M to 62,000 healthcare specialists in Venezuela.

The capitals that are associated with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were seized by the US authorities. Venezuelan users have long formed a significant percentage of AirTM's customer base. The platform is supported by the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido backed AirTM and offered a plan to distribute "censorship-resistant digital dollars" to the country's healthcare workers.

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Alborg noted that the government immediately blocked Venezuelan users from reaching the AirTM platform following reports of the distribution of funds. In response, local activists have created a series of guides on how to get around site blocking.

“The average user of AirTM is not the 1% in the West testing new smart contract protocols on Ethereum; is a middle-class and lower-class worker in Venezuela endeavoring to transfer his savings, ten dollars at a time,” added Alborg.