Amazon removed "blockchain" from a job after hype in media

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Amazon removed "blockchain" job

Amazon, an online retailer, published a job of a software developer on LinkedIn, who, among other things, was supposed to do “work on the blockchain.” Later, the company was forced to remove the mention of blockchain from the text of the vacancy due to media hype.

So, according to the initial description of the vacancy, the new employee was supposed to join the fintech team in the advertising field, engaged in “work on the blockchain registry, billing, and reconciliation system to ensure data transparency.”

Subsequently, many media outlets wrote that Amazon intends to transfer the data used in advertising to the blockchain. However, apparently, the company is not going to do this.

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In any case, the reference to the blockchain, which was replaced by the “financial register,” disappeared from the text of the vacancy.

Recall that Amazon has long been interested in blockchain technology. So, last year the company launched a “managed” platform for developing scalable blockchain networks, and this year it supported a business accelerator for entrepreneurs and startups in the blockchain field.

It is worth noting, some also believe that in the future Amazon will release its token. So, the founders of Winklevoss and the Gemini bitcoin exchange, the Winklevoss brothers and CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao, are sure of this.