Amount of computing power brought Binance pool to 11th line

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Mining pool

In April, the mining pool owned by the Binance team began work. The first block in the BTC network it got on April 24. That was announced by the head of the trading platform, Changpen Zhao.

On the eve of Twitter, he posted a post in which he noted that Binance Pool took eighth place in the ranking of pools in terms of computing power in the BTC network (4.23% of the total hashrate).

However, the exchange pool takes only 11th place in this rating. Most likely, Changpeng Zhao, when publishing his post, used the old data. Binance mining pool provides a little over 3.6% of the bitcoin hash. Over the past 24 hours, its computational activity has been 3.96 exams per second (EH/s). Many representatives of the crypto community are concerned that Binance is increasing its market influence and threatening its decentralization. Initially, the company expected to draw miners from OKEx and Huobi pools. In total, the Binance pool was able to mine 116 blocks in the BTC network. The BTC hashrate is steadily recovering after a fall due to halving (reduction in the reward of miners). The amount of computing power in the network has reached 103.8 EH/s.