Anthony Pompliano calls on pension funds to invest in BTC

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Anthony Pompliano

Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano again appealed to pension funds with a call to more actively channel their funds to buy bitcoins.

The businessman sent a letter to investors at the end of last week. It says that every pension fund should strive to increase its portfolio by including cryptos in it that maintains the status of the useful asset.

Pompliano offers financial organizations to store at least 1% of their funds in BTC. The share of cryptocurrency in the capital of the fund should be about 5%.

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He emphasized: "A group of individuals created an asset worth more than $ 150 billion to make it a global reserve currency. If this happens, then it will be a useful asset in the next 20 years. But even if this does not occur, everything will be fine".

The Morgan Creek Fund has systematically called on many investors to invest in BTC.

A supporter of the largest crypto is its CEO, Mark Yusko. He announced in January this year that pension funds should invest at least 1% of their capital in bitcoin.

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Currently, two Virginia pension reserves have already invested in the crypto sphere through Morgan Creek.