ARK Core v2.6 is now available on Devnet

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ARK Core v2.6

ARK Core v2.6 is now available on Devnet and is stuffed with a lot of new features. This version is the greatest updated since 2.0. Now, using v2.6, developers can work more effectively with ARK.

Presently, Core v2.6 is on its public testing stage, so you can use this opportunity for getting familiar with new types of transactions and innovative features. Here are the innovations you can find on the latest update.

New types of transactions

Schnorr Multisignatures, Business and Bridgechain Registration, Delegate Resignation, IPFS, Hash Time-Locked Contracts and Multipayments. These are the types of transactions integrated into v2.6.

Schnorr Multisiganture is a type of transaction allowing multiple signatures and their keys to be aggregated into one, this allows the transaction to be executed with a minimal number of members. Schnorr’s Signature scheme is a more advanced algorithm than ECDSA, which is currently used in bitcoin. This advanced technology takes the security of the system to a higher level, solving issues with size, non-malleability and linearity.

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Bridgechain Registration is a new type of transaction, which gives the blockchains made by developers on ARK (bridgechains) the opportunity of official registration on-chain. Being registered indicates that bridgechain has more chances to interact with the ecosystem. Also allowing them to be auto-discovered by new users, plugins, marketplaces, wallets and more.

IPFS type allows users to keep a hash relating to their saved files. Hashes of documents are being cached or approved by a user.

Also, an experimental HTLC transaction type was added to v2.6. This innovation is going to give a sender an opportunity of locking capitals and the recipient will be able to unlock them before the pre-set time limit is ended. This type is an advanced step that brings ARK closer to atomic swaps and true interoperability with their smartbridge technology.

Additional improvements

The latest version presents nonces of transactions which decrease the risk of replay attacks. The nonces are making transactions unique and the blockchain secure by adding a consecutive number.

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Generic Transactions Interface (GTI) is a technology integrated into Core v2.6, which lets developers compose their type of transaction. Combining this technology with HTLC eliminates the necessity for smart contracts on the blockchain.

You can earn ARK for testing Core v2.6 right now. There are particular bounty rewards for developers and other involved people who would like to test the latest version and improve it by detecting bugs. You will earn ARK tokens by submitting an improvement, bug or vulnerability.