Balaji Srinivasan may be behind the mysterious

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Balaji Srinivasan behind is nearly half older the age of the Bitcoin network, and it redirected most of its existence to a personal web page from a San Francisco developer named Brian T. Nakamoto. However, now it reads: “Bitcoin is a country. HODL or GTFO". So, according to CoinDesk sources, the site is currently owned by another person. The new owner is the former partner of the venture firm Andreessen Horowitz and ex-CTO of Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan. It is not entirely clear what the essence of the future product is, however, users may already leave their email for further announcements.

It is noteworthy that recently Srinivasan recommended that entrepreneurs test the “soft launch”, which involves an individual connection of users and the lack of advancement in the initial period.

The transfer of the domain took place in July 2018.

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Recall that having left the company in May, Srinivasan stated that he needed time to rest.