Bancor users reported loss of funds because of vulnerability

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Bancor vulnerability

Decentralized Liquidity Provider Bancor announces vulnerability in BancorNetwork v0.6 new smart contract protocol. Against this background, the internal token of the BNT platform has lost more than 10% of the cost.

The developers assured that all user tools are safe. According to them, after the vulnerability was discovered, the team independently carried out an attack on the protocol in order to transfer the assets to a safe address.

All users who have performed transactions on Bancor in the last 48 hours are urged to follow a separate instruction and withdraw all transactions associated with the three addresses of the smart contract:

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0x8dFEB86C7C962577deD19AB2050AC78654feA9F7; 0x5f58058C0eC971492166763c8C22632B583F667f; 0x923cAb01E6a4639664aa64B76396Eec0ea7d3a5f.

The developers specify that all wallets associated with these addresses could be affected due to a discovered vulnerability. Twitter users began to report the loss of tokens. One of them reported the loss of more than 10,000 BNT ($8 thousand).

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The market value of BNT fell by 10.4%, reaching $0.764. Despite this, quotes are still in the region of the annual maximum.