Beta version of Hedera Hashgraph core network launched

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Beta version of Hedera Hashgraph core network launched

On Tuesday, September 17, a public beta of the Hedera Hashgraph PoS blockchain was launched with a declared bandwidth of 10,000 Tps.

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Smart contracts and file services are available on the Hedera Hashgraph network, but their bandwidth is limited to 10 Tps. The developers have already promised to gradually increase productivity, and the beta version is scheduled for release in early 2020.

The project team claims that the network is fully resistant to censorship, as the governing board cannot track account registration, transactions, and smart contracts to track changes in the protocol, and is not able to make changes to user files or smart contracts. At the same time, the board reserves the right to delete files and smart contracts if they contain illegal content.

Developers will publish the source code at the time of release from the beta version. It allegedly passed an audit several times.

The network already has 26 decentralized applications, including AdsDax and ChainLink.

The native Hbars token will soon appear in Ledger hardware wallets. The emission schedule can be found here.

Representatives of the project have already warned that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may recognize Hbars as security, although they themselves do not consider it a security.

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At the time of launch, there were 13 nodes in the network managed by board members. Users were offered to run mirror nodes for now.

Recall, the developers of Hedera Hashgraph in total raised $124 million.