Binance acquires DappReview to further blockchain adoption

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Binance acquires DappReview

On December 3, Binance proclaimed that it acquires DappReview, the preeminent data and analytics platform for Dapps worldwide. Binance plans to update the environment of Dapps and generate more comprehensive blockchain adoption.

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Launched in February 2018, DappReview proposes data analytics and Dapp info for about 3900 Dapps beyond 13 public blockchains. It has grown to one of the greatest portals for Dapp’s research and direction, enticing more than 300000 users from 120 countries per month. DappReview works as a platform for programmers to present their apps to users worldwide.

CFO of Binance Wei Zhou affirmed that on-chain apps are yet the needed part for blockchain mass adoption. He noticed that the team of DappReview had confirmed its engagement in Dapps and exceptional accomplishment in constructing a preeminent Dapps platform in less than a year.

These two companies have a common intention of operating blockchain apps. Zhou said: “This property indicates an important move into the Dapps ecosystem, and we're going to have more impressive advancements soon."

CEO of DappReview said: “The purpose of our platform is to form an effective Dapps ecosystem and expand mass adoption of the technology. Separate from Dapps analytics services, our platform additionally offers support for Dapps creators on various stages: from fund-raising, product construction to marketing and promoting. Binance’s acquisition is going to enable DappReview with more support to stimulate our business extension. Our following action is to cooperate with more blockchains and developers on Dapp data assimilation, and struggle for Dapps’ adoption on a larger scale”.

After the end of the process, DappReview is going to preserve its autonomy in technical development and operation. Binance is going to give support in non-technical areas, including marketing and business development. DappReview plans to issue a new series of products in Q1 of 2020.

This action is part of Binance’s steady attempts to build a prominent global blockchain ecosystem. Earlier this year, Binance started Binance X, a project to foster modernization in Binance that has involved over 40 developers and experts in the Binance X Fellowship program to create open-source apps on the chain.

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Is this cooperation going to bring vast improvements to the industry? Or is it going to make huge masses use the technology? Will see.