Binance CEO: More governments will adopt crypto in 2020

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CEO of Binance

2019 was full of various crypto events: BTC skyrocketing, several Central Banks issuing their digital currencies, and much more.

The adoption of crypto moved from retail to organizations and then to the sovereign, and the most unbelievable forces started espousing digital currencies' technology. CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao believes that more governments will dive into the crypto universe in 2020.

During the latest "Community Predictions for 2020", Changpeng Zhao was meant to tell about his expectations of crypto adoption, and he pointed right to the man at the top. As he explained, he proposed the government and not Satoshi Nakamoto, as everyone supposed.

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He said that there is a tremendous number of governments all around the world that are analyzing the crypto and blockchain technologies, various regulatory standards, and stablecoins. As to CZ, this symbolizes more comprehensive public adoption.

CEO of Binance mentioned that he supposes in 2020 the world is going to observe a range of experiments held by numerous governments that are going to make attempts to adopting crypto. CZ thinks that some of the tests may become really successful, and some may not even work, but they will surely have a positive influence on the adoption process.