Binance is going to open an office in Beijing

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Binance exchange

Binance decided to start an office in Beijing after Xi Jinping said he wants the country to become the number one in the blockchain sphere. This new outpost is going to join the other one that's in Shanghai.

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Actually, the corporation didn’t announce what this office plans to do and when exactly it is going to open. It’s supposed that Binance is trying to support the government with its plans.

Lately, relationships between Chinese officials and Binance administration became better when the corporation country’s project for digital money over summer and Changpeng Zhao announcing that he considers the People's Bank of China is having a good influence on the crypto sphere on Twitter this week. These relationships are surprising as, just one year ago, the Chinese censorship firewall prevented entrance to the exchange’s website.

During the previous several weeks, Binance representatives have publicly announced about their conversations with the various countries' officials amid Venus coin launch.

Mars Finance was the first organisation from which Binance began investing in China last year. Though the CEO of Binance grew up in Canada, he was born in China and even was an employee of Chinese company OkCoin before establishing his own corporation.