Binance X developers' platform launched

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Binance X initiative

Binance exchange launched the Binance X initiative, in which it intends to attract third-party developers to create open-source projects based on its ecosystem of the site.

So, Binance offers developers to “learn”, “collaborate” and “grow”. For training, there are already libraries with technical documentation that are constantly updated and contain tips; the exchange will also provide the necessary channels for communication between third-party developers and members of the Binance team, not only online, but also in real life; at the same time, the company offers various programs under which projects will receive financial and expert support at various stages of development.

Note that 40 projects have already been involved in the Binance X Fellowship Program initiative, including Burner Wallet, GoBNB, OP_SECURETHEBAG and others.

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Recall that earlier Binance announced an ambitious project Venus, which should become a regional analogue of the digital currency Libra from Facebook.