Bitcoin distribution appeared on Google founder fake YouTube

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Sergey Brin fake Youtube

Attackers created a fake YouTube account of Google Founder Sergey Brin and promised 5000 BTC distribution on his behalf. At a certain moment, over 100 thousand people watched the live broadcast: in a small window they showed Brin's old performance, and against this background, they promoted a fraudulent scheme.

The organizers have traditionally offered to transfer from 0.1 to 25 BTC in bitcoins to their account in order to get twice as much. The video and channel are currently unavailable.

On the one-page website, on behalf of Brin, it is said that in this way he promotes the massive adoption of bitcoin. The counter on the site shows fake new transactions approximately every 10 seconds.

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At the time of writing, the wallet indicated by the attackers contains 0.73 BTC. It received only 6 transactions. The other wallet that appeared on the YouTube video has 5.65 BTC. The funds arrived on May 17, in fifteen transactions.