Bitcoin Miner Profits Reaching a New High

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BTC mining new high

BTC miner profits measured by terahash in a second (TH/s) has surged to a new high. TH (tera, 1 trillion) is one of the Bitcoin hash rate units. And hashrate is a scale of the computational power per second used during mining. Simply putting, it is the speed of the mining process.

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The latest research discovers that every bitcoin miner is making $0.19 daily per terahash — the highest amount this year. The last top indicator was in February, before the halving event. Then it was $0.17.

Yesterday BTC miners made $24.27 million. $21.59 million came from block rewards and the rest from transaction fees.

While the revenue is growing, bitcoin mining difficulty, an indicator of competition among miners, has been stable for about a month. The current difficulty is 18.60 trillion. Its all-time high of nearly 20 trillion was recorded in October.