Bitcoin’s price reached its six-month low

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Bitcoin is losing its price

Bitcoin reached the cheapest point in six months, sinking about 10% and continuing last week’s slide past the weekend on matters about repressions on crypto transactions by China.

The leading coin dropped as much as 11% from Friday’s close and was selling below $6600 as of 1:50 p.m. in Hong Kong. This is the first case since May when BTC’s price is under $7000.

On November 22, the Central Bank of China told crypto-involved companies to fix any inappropriate activities and proposed investors to be careful of digital currencies. At the beginning of this month, watchdogs in Shanghai declared reports requesting for cleanup of organisations connected with crypto speculation, while one in Beijing urged against illegal exchange actions.

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A superior market strategist for the Asia Pacific Jeffrey Halley stated that investors may get higher satisfaction in regular markets without the pushing volatility and dark markets, and that a maintained rally in BTC would need a total analysis in the sales agreements to take place as economic specialists around the world proceed to run the trucks against digital assets.

There're a lot of potential causes for BTC’s drop. Retailers are accusing low amounts and referring to engaging revenues from traditional currencies. Still, Bitcoin’s price is up in 2019 - it closed at $3674 in 2018. After a tremendous rise in Aprile-June period, when the coin soared above $13000, it started gradually losing the price.