BITECH Optipro Launches, Enabling Trading on Binary Options

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Today,, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the launch of its BITECH Optipro module, a revolutionary offering for crypto binary options. Industry experts are looking to BITECH Optipro to fulfill the potential of as the only cryptocurrency exchange that combines spot trading and crypto binary options. The BITECH Optipro was built for fans looking to “catch a wave” and be able to receive real-time information for short-term technical analysis. With BITECH OptiPro, clients are able to place and maneuver their short-term options contracts on the platform.

“Many clients were asking us for a high-tech trading module for binary options, which would add different levels of risk and returns to their bitcoin portfolios,” said a spokesperson for “We have the reputation as the first UK-based aristocratic cryptocurrency exchange in the bitcoin universe, with thirty full-time employees. We combine spot trading and crypto binary options, offering a comprehensive set of tools which are easy to navigate for successful trading across cryptocurrency markets.”

With the launch of BITECH OptiPro as the new trading module for binary options, the company provides its clients with the most sophisticated trading technology available in any global market. With these capabilities, Bitech takes cryptocurrency trading to an entirely new level. The spokesperson added, “Our platform is the easiest way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and manage your wallets through generating addresses, deposits and sending money. We are the classic trading platform for spot trading of cryptocurrency assets.”

As the world’s first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, is able to offer the full scalability an exchange needs to meet all modern standards, based on industry regulations. The exchange works on a global basis, with trading in Ethereum, Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, XRP Ripple and other crypto currencies and crypto binary options.

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Bitech has also established numerous countermeasures and controls to protect its clients from malicious actors. Indeed, hackers are perpetually targeting the world of cryptocurrency trading. The platform is hack resistant because the fundamental principle of multi-modularity does not allow the system to be hacked. “The security of your investment is our responsibility,” the spokesperson noted.

As a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, has offered its services to western countries and English-speaking users. is a daughter company of Essex Development, which has been a leader in the industry across different markets since 2013. Following a period of record growth in crypto market capitalization, was valued at $88 million dollars in Q4 2020—with a daily average volume of over $72 million dollars in the second half of 2020.

Investing with is cost-effective and well managed by experienced analysts and seasoned professionals with operational expertise to keep trading costs low for users. The in-house methods and solutions allow clients to perform trades worldwide with no restrictions. Investors can take advantage of the modular architecture allowing use of the products over all popular devices.

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