Bitfinex sues U.S. court to regain frozen $880 million

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Bitfinex sues U.S. court

iFinex Inc. lawyers appealed to a US court with a request to oblige a certain Rondell Clyde Monroe to give an affidavit regarding 880 million frozen in the accounts of the Panamanian processing company Crypto Capital.

Clyde Monroe is the vice president of TCA Investment Bancorp and Trust Company (abbreviated as TCA Bancorp), through whose accounts Crypto Capital allegedly held funds of the exchange.

If the Central District Court of Southern California approves the request, Clyde Monroe will testify and TCA Bancorp will be required to provide the relevant documentation for the case. At least that's what Bitfinex is counting on.

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Global Trade Solutions AG, the operator of Crypto Capital, has been providing processing services to the exchange since 2014. The most activity was observed in 2017-2018 when Bitfinex lost its banking partners in Taiwan.

The exchange lost access to 880 million in Crypto Capital accounts in December 2018. The processing claims that the funds were frozen by the authorities of Poland, Portugal, the UK, and the USA. Bitfinex allegedly will launch litigation in all of the listed jurisdictions.

Recall, the New York State Attorney General's Office accused Bitfinex of concealing the loss of 850 million and violating the Martin Law on combating fraud at opening a credit line with Tether.

The agency secured a temporary injunction on the use of Tether reserves, effectively freezing the issuer's investment activities.

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Earlier, iFinex Inc, its subsidiaries, and Crypto Capital were sued in a 1.4 trillion class-action lawsuit.