Bitfury will launch an investment program in mining centers

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Bitfury has announced the launch of an investment program for large investors, which offers them alternative access to bitcoin through the company's mining data centers.

The company offers to invest in data centers settled in Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Central Asia. The program is touted as accessing digital assets outside the derivatives market.

“The unique combination of ultra-low electricity prices and the best equipment on the market allows us ... to offer a unique financial profile that includes high resilience to changing prices of digital assets. Our unique partnership models suggest that we do not profit from the initial transaction - instead, Bitfury shares the risk, similar to the stock partnership model,” says the Bitfury website.

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Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov said in a comment to Forbes that the program is best suited for family offices because it offers "access to digital assets without any operational/technical requirements for owning digital assets/infrastructure."