is integrating DOTs into its wallet

by in Cryptocurrency News is integrating DOTs into its wallet is a crypto data supplier and a wallet. On August 20 it announced about a partnership with a blockchain interoperability protocol Polkadot. is going to attach its wallet with the system of Polkadot to proceed with the confirmation of its tokens (DOTs).

As soon as the integration process succeeds, users of the platform are going to have an opportunity of storing, receiving and sending DOTs.

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Peter Smith

The main aim of this partnership is to promote the idea of decentralization. Leader of, Peter Smith mentioned in the announcement that Polkadot is the right kind of goal-driven network, which is supported by their company and that Polkadot’s partners have the same vision as theirs - add more decentralization and increase user control.

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The premier project of the WEB3 Foundation, Polkadot stated in June 2019 that it sold about 500000 tokens at an undefined price.