Blockchain Could be Used in the US DoD

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Many people associate blockchain with safety and distribution systems. The winner of a contention held by the United States Department of Defense represented these features from a new perspective.

As innovations have their impact on modern warfare, the DoD keeps exploring methods to practice them in the manufacturing means and supply connections for armaments and structure of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

The Advanced Manufacturing Olympics, which took place on Oct. 20–23, attempted to engage conventional DoD operators, technologists, and professors to manage new devices, especially 3D printing, for the construction and distribution of crucial components in the fighting equipment line.

The winner became SIMBA Chain a cloud-based blockchain-as-a-service network. The team got $100,000 for their solution in one complex issue task in terms of the DoD’s Olympics.

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The DoD created a war game situation in which a made-up island was attacked. Competitors had to organize summative manufacturing and create secure communication and transportation system for forward-deployed army divisions and cross-line healthcare personnel. SIMBA Chain CEO Joel Neidig told their approach was based on the physical concerns of warfighters and the cyber administration. The Air Force aims to make effective designs for practical certainties. SIMBA Chain is actually collaborating with some arms of the DoD.