Blockchain hardware is now on International Space Station

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Blockchain hardware in space

SpaceChain is doing it again!

SpaceX's shuttle performing its resupply purpose to the ISS took SpaceChain’s blockchain hardware on December 5, 2019. That's SpaceChain's third on-orbit blockchain and the initial one on the station.

CEO of the organization Zee Zheng said: “This payload set off is a meaningful event not only for our team but approaching the construction of the New Space Economy as well. The combination of these two technologies has revealed different openings, and we're very enthusiastic about the possibility of operating jointly with various organizations in the following months to extra stimulate progressions within the industry.”

The blockchain hardware was a piece of about 5700 pounds of equipment and was placed aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule, which successfully took off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 12:29 p.m. ET on December 5 and reached its destination on December 8.

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The hardware is going to be connected as a hosted payload in Nanoracks' trading platform onboard the station. The mission became achievable with support from Nanoracks and its arrangement with NASA.

The payload is going to manage the release, permission, and reconnection of transactions and building multi-signature ones. The trial process is projected at the beginning of 2020.

SpaceChain intends to modify satellites by performing them into nodes that are going to have an opportunity of interacting with other sputniks. Also, the corporation is designing its "space node" hardware.