BMW Korea Prepares Blockchain-Powered Rewards Program

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BMW intends to use blockchain

BMW Korea has informed that it is intending to practise reward plan based on blockchain technology. The plan termed BMW Vantage allows purchasers to get discounts on vehicle service and more.

The officials announced that BMW Korea is the first agency in BMW Group to manage an action of the project and intends to launch it in the country by the end of 2020. In the case of success, the enterprise will plan a distribution all over the world.

Blockchain technology will allow issuing and tracking tokens for involved shoppers. Those who will buy their first BMW, have the opportunity to get 300.000–500.000 points. The clients who buy present models can be awarded up to 600.000 points. 900.000 points can receive the customers who buy BMW 5 or BMW 6 group automobiles. There are also possibilities to gain points due to BMW buybacks. The clients will receive additional points, the amount of which depends on the costs of vehicles.

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Besides acquiring BMW cars, customers can earn rewards in other ways. BMW Korea has initiated an app with gaming and social features. The company is undertaking to organize cultural events for higher-level fellowship.