Brave launches encrypted video calls for users

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Brave browser

The Brave cryptocurrency confidential browser implemented the video call option adopting end-to-end encryption.

This new service called Brave Together can be applied to make an infinite number of encrypted video conferences for two members. Brave users do not need to register to use this tool.

The company mentioned that the ability to organize video calls with more associates is already being tested on the browser's Nightly version for developers.

The Brave Together option is operating on the Jitsi open source software, whose reliability in 2017 was discussed by the NSA exposer Edward Snowden.

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Now, during the pandemic, the demand for video calls and applications such as Zoom has grown.

Still, privacy at Zoom is heavily criticized. For example, the company Ilona Mask has forbidden its employees to use it for video calling because of "serious privacy problems."

Interestingly, Zoom is also about to offer this type of protection to its 300M users per day.