Brave reached 10 million active users per month

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Brave users

Brave browser published about 19% active users’ growth.

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The Brave 1.0 was issued on November 13 and got really excellent evaluations from the publishers. It also succeeded in user selection. Brave surged from 8.7 million active users per month (MAU) in October to 10.4 in November. This indicates a 19% extension crosswise total of the platforms.

In just a year, the Brave browser multiplied its MAU. Everyday active users equal to 3.3 million. This browser is a combination of the blockchain-based ad and privacy-oriented platforms that give 3-6 times quicker browsing opportunities than others.

Also, users' of iOS presently have access to Brave Rewards, which has originated as a part of Brave 1.0 and brought to the app's 27% increase during the last month.

As to the information provided by Brave Verified, content authors have increased too, with about 340 000 users on various platforms. Verified content producers have registered to get BAT rewards from their public, who use the browser.