Cardano founder urges crypto community to create a “union”

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Charles Hoskinson

According to Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, the crypto community should create a kind of "union" to uphold the interests of the industry. This point of view was expressed recently by the leader of the altcoin development team on YouTube.

He stressed that recently, attacks on the cryptosphere by regulators of many countries have become more frequent.

Increased administrative pressure negatively affects the industry and undermines its potential. In this situation, we can create a public association that will protect the rights of representatives of the cryptosphere.

Hoskinson emphasized: "The crypto industry is the same policy as everything else. We are creating a new financial concept and trying to tear it out of the hands of the government".

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The development of the blockchain industry will lead to qualitative changes in the global economy. Everything will change - from trade to business structure and laws.

However, many countries are trying to hinder the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. For example, in the US Congress, calls are already being made to ban digital assets.

The creator of Cardano is confident that if the whole community unites, then it will be able to effectively resist the regulators that impede the massive introduction of cryptocurrency.

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A similar point of view was previously expressed by the founder of the NEO project, Dan Hongfei. He claimed that the blockchain industry would become the ideology of a new era. It will inflict a crushing blow on the modern economy and will contribute to the technological breakthrough of mankind.