Cash App helps users automatically invest in Bitcoins

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Cash App

Square payment network said that bitcoins and promotions are now on the menu of Cash App users who would like to “minimize the impact of market fluctuations.”

Square's Cash App now allows users to make automated Bitcoin purchases at regular intervals.

The Cash App already has a Bitcoin wallet, as well as the Auto Invest function for buying stocks, which also allows you to periodically buy bitcoins for small amounts, making settings only once.

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“You don’t need the perfect time to buy if you need a long-term investment perspective,” the Square website explains. That, according to the company, minimizes the impact of market fluctuations in the price of an asset.

Thus, Square turns Cash App users into Bitcoin-Hodlers. The calculator on the dcaBTC website shows that a weekly purchase of $ 10 bitcoins over the past three years could bring about 65% of the profit, and your invested funds could grow from $1570 to $2588.

Auto Invest allows account holders to make daily, weekly or monthly purchases of bitcoins with a minimum amount of $ 10. In the application settings, you can also choose satoshi instead of bitcoins for convenience.