CEO Binance: attacks and Russia as key blockchain market

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Binance Russia attacks

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is exposed to 5-10 attacks daily, but confidence in its own security provides cooperation with white hackers.

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Zhao said the attacks are constant. They work with 10 groups of white hackers on an ongoing basis, so today he can confidently say: they are safer than most exchanges in the industry.

He also addressed the topic of Binance attacks by a major exchange at the beginning of its work, noting that he would comment on this only once. It was not Bitfinex, but it will not deny other names to prevent it from calculating the correct answer.

Recall, recently the head of Binance visited Russia. At a rally in Moscow, he said that Russia plays a crucial role in the context of developing regulatory standards for the crypto industry.

Zhao also told CoinDesk that Russia is their key market, one of the most active markets in the global blockchain space.

At the same time, CEO Binance called Russian President Vladimir Putin the most influential person in the blockchain sphere but later admitted that his words were said to some extent for fun.